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  Bogan Alert!

Ja’mie King’s Glossary To Not Sounding Povo

Hot Asian (n.): A person of Asian decent who is hot.

Example: “No offense to you because you’re ‘hot Asian.’”

Housing-commission whore (n.): A promiscuous girl who lives in government-sponsored housing.

Example: “She said that Kaitlyn was a housing-commission whore and that I needed a breast reduction.”

Lesbian (n.): A girl who likes other girls that way. They are not to be trusted.



Madeline (person): A girl who no man should be texting, especially Sebastian.

Example: “Who the fuck is she? Friends do not write two text messages in an hour saying ‘see you in English,’ ‘save me a seat.’”

MySpace (pronoun): A social networking platform made popular by Ja’mie.

Example: “I’m up to a thousand friends on MySpace, and I could always do with more.”

Pashed (v.): French kissed.

Example: “I’ve pashed like 135 guys.”

Peace (n.): Calmness or a state of international politics.

Example: “I would never go out with a guy that wasn’t into peace.”

Povo (adj.): A poor person.

Example: “Some of you come from povo families, but that’s not your fault.”

Public school bitch (n.): a disagreeable girl who attends government-sponsored schooling.



Public School Skank Society (n.): a group of slutty or less than appealing girls that attend government-sponsored schooling.

Example: ”Bogan Alert! The Public School Skank Society.”

Qantas (n.): An airline that provides service to and from Australia, in particular China.



Random (adj.): Something that is not common or deemed abnormal. Also, cute.

Example: “I love your bins. They’re so random.”

Root (v.): The act of sexual intercourse.

Example: “Maybe I’ll just go and root some teacher or something and get pregnant and then you deal with that.”

Sebastian (person): A year 7 student that is hotter than the rest.

Example: “He’s so hot! I’m in love with Sebastian.”

Semi-slut (adj.): A type of promiscuous girl who is not nearly as promiscuous as a hooker.



Skin graft (n.): A medical procedure to apply skin to an infected or scarred area.

Example: “Why don’t you get a skin graft or something ’cause your skin’s so shit!”

Tahitian Princess (adj.): A dark (but not too dark) level of tan.

Example: ”I had my spray tan done. I went for the ‘Tahitian Princess’ ’cause it’s a little bit darker than the other girls, but I have the face to carry it off.”

Ties (n.): A clothing accessory thought of as useless or random.

Example: “Ties are so random, don’t you reckon? What are they – just pieces of fabric? They’re so weird.”

Wurundjeri people (person): The Indigenous people of the land that Summer Heights High resides on.

Example: “And thank you to the traditional landowners of Summer Heights, the Wurundjeri people.”

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By:           Stacy Lambe
On:           Sep 11, 2013
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    • balehead

      Can’t wait for this!

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