Penis-Shaped Popsicles That Explode In Your Mouth Hit The Swedish Ice Cream Market

It’s shaped like a rocket. You put it in your mouth and, after a few minutes of sucking, something creamy oozes out from the center. Sound familiar?

The new fruity-flavored X-Pop promises just that. The phallic-looking popsicle is currently being marketed in Sweden and offers a sweet sherbet center that “pops” in your mouth when bitten into. The end of the popsicle looks strikingly similar to the tip of a penis. More specifically, a penis suffering from a mad outbreak of genital warts.

GB Glace, Sweden’s largest ice-cream maker and creator of the X-Pop, maintains that it doesn’t see any similarities between the X-Pop and a disease-ridden penis. And that whole creamy center thing? Quit reading so much into it. It’s just a popsicle, for chrissake.

“In several interviews they continue to claim that they have no idea what people are talking about,” Swedish journalist Erik Carlsson told Daily Dot in an email. “They just see it as a normal popsicle.”

But consumers beg to differ.

“They have made an ice-cream dildo!” one person wrote on the company’s Facebook wall.

“It’s a little bit kinky to eat the top of the ice cream because it ‘pops’ in your mouth,” another reviewer said.

Whatever the case, one thing is certain: The X-Pop serves as a great practice tool for blossoming, young homosexuals. And the warty tip is a good reminder to always practice safe-sex. Educational and delicious. Now that’s something we could wrap our lips around!