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— Wed, Nov 9, 2005 —
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chad allen

Out actor Chad Allen is a hardworking man. The former child star is currently starring in here! Television’s Third Man Out and has several movies in the works. Chad took the time to answer some of Bradford Shellhammer’s questions about outing, Dr. Quinn, and his new projects.

Your website has information on a new film, End of the Spear. What is it about?
It is the true story of a group of Evangelical Christians who were the first to make contact with what is thought to be the most violent society to have ever existed, the Waodani, an Ecuadorian Amazonian tribe. I play the lead of the missionary, Nate Saint, (and I also play his son Steve Saint) who went back into the Amazon after his father was killed. He now lives with the tribe and actually met the men who killed his father and made them godfather of his children. It is a story of forgiveness.

You have been acting for 25 years. What has been your favorite role?
Usually the one that I am working on at the moment, but if I think back, I really did love working on Third Man and End of the Spear.

Do you read blogs?
No. None.

Which actors do you admire?
That changes a lot too. Right now it's Philip Seymore Hoffman. I love Gary Sinese, Gary Oldman (anyone named Gary). Let’s see, I like that Jake Gyllenhaal (he has a cute shaved head).

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Tell us about Third Man Out
Third Man Out is based on one of a series of detective novels by Richard Stevenson. My character, Donald Stratchey, is a hard-boiled detective in the classic style of Columbo, or Nick Charles and yet, at night he goes home to his boyfriend, with whom he is decorating his house. It is a great character, a great story, and I am so lucky and proud to be a part of this project.

Third Man
plays on the old fashion black & white gumshoe movies. It is very noir-ish with a modern twist.

In TMO your character protects an activist known for outing prominent citizens. What is your take on this?
I think that everyone should mind his or her own business. You should only be out when you want to be out. That’s what makes for good role models for kids: being happy, comfortable, and proud to be out. I do not want to see ANYONE outed. Ever.

What are you currently working on?
I just finished an episode of Charmed and I am working on two films, Save Me(with Judith Light and Bobby Gant) and The Way Out (from here! film) and two more Donald Stratchey mysteries.

What directors or actors do you dream of working with?
I would love to work with Ang Lee, Mike Nichols, and if I do a play, Joe Montello. Oh and of course Josh Rosenzweig.

Do you miss Dr. Quinn, because we sure do?

I miss playing Matthew Cooper. I loved that character. I miss riding around on horses and getting dirty, but I don’t miss the schedule. It was brutal. I wouldn’t mind doing a little bit of that, but I am really happy where I am at right now

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