Spain’s Queen Sofia Not About “Those People,” Also Known As The Gays

We’re usually big fans of queens, but Spain’s Queen Sofia’s definitely an exception.

The seventy-year old monarch lets her anti-gay attitude show in a new biography, The Queen Up Close. For her first round of homo-centric conservative spew, Queen Sofia takes on gay pride, which she says doesn’t deserve much space in the public sphere:

I can understand, accept and respect that there are people of other sexual tendencies, but should they be proud to be gay? Should they ride on a parade float and come out in protests? If all of those of us who aren’t gay came out to protest we would halt traffic.

Later, while discussing gay marriage, Sofia offers this semantic opposition:

If those people want to live together, dress up like bride and groom and marry, they could have a right to do so, or not, depending on the law of their country, but they should not call this matrimony, because it isn’t. There are many possible names: social contract, social union.

Yes, yes there are many names, but none are quite the same as marriage. Perhaps the errors of “separate, but equal” don’t translate to Spanish, or something…