Victims of Orlando Shooting at Pulse Nightclub

In the early morning of June 12, 2016 the deadliest mass shooting took the lives of at least 50 people. These people are not a statistic or a number. We will not let them be nameless or faceless numbers. They are our partners, friends, our family, our allies.

Add your memories and reflections below. If you know of a victim who is missing from this list (or if we are missing their picture) write to holla AT queerty DOT com and we’ll add them.

akyra-murrayAkyra Monet Murray
18 years old
Anthony Luis Lareanodisla / Alanis LaurellAnthony Luis Laureanodisla (Alexis Laurell)
25 years old
Amanda AlvearAmanda Alvear
25 years old
angel-luis-candelario-padroAngel L. Candelario-Padro
28 years old
antonio-davon-brownAntonio Davon Brown
29 years old
brenda-lee-marquez-mccoolBrenda Lee Marquez McCool
49 years old
Christopher Andrew LeinonenChristopher Andrew Leinonen
32 years old
christopher-sanfelizChristopher Joseph Sanfeliz
24 years old
cory-connellCory James Connell
21 years old
darryl-roman-burt-iiDarryl Roman Burt II
29 years old
deonka-deidra-draytonDeonka Deidra Drayton
32 years old
Eddie JusticeEddie Jamoldroy Justice
30 years old
Enrique RiosEnrique L. Rios, Jr.
25 years old
Eric Ivan Ortiz RiveraEric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera
36 years old
frankie-hernandezFrank Hernandez
27 years old
Franky Dejesus VelazquezFranky Jimmy Dejesus Velazquez
50 years old
gilberto-roman-silva-menendezGilberto Ramon Silva Menendez
25 years old
Jason Benjamin JosphatJason Benjamin Josaphat
19 years old
javier-jorge-reyesJavier Jorge-Reyes
40 years old
Jean Carlos Mendez PerezJean Carlos Mendez Perez
35 years old
jean-carlnieves-rodriguezJean C. Nives Rodriguez
27 years old
jerald-arthur-wrightJerald Arthur Wright
31 years old
joel-rayon-paniagua-jpgJoel Rayon Paniagua
32 years old
jonathan-camuyJonathan Antonio Camuy Vega
24 years old
juan-chavez-martinezJuan Chevez-Martinez
25 years old
13320271_779037398901501_1087167728_nJuan Ramon Guerrero
22 years old
Juan Rivera Velazquez
Juan P. Rivera Velazquez
37 years old
Kimberly Morris
37 years old
leroy-valentin-fernandezLeroy Valentin Fernandez
25 years old
10415656_10206812768571365_6586977870960213070_nLuis Daniel Conde
39 years old
Luis Omar Ocasio-CapoLuis Omar Ocasio-Capo
20 years old
Luis S. Vielma
22 years old
Luis Daniel Wilson LeonLuis Daniel Wilson-Leon
37 years old
Martin Benitez Torres
Martin Benitez Torres
33 years old
mercedes-marisol-floresMercedez Marisol Flores
26 years old
miguel-honoratoMiguel Angel Honorato
30 years old
Oscar Aracena MonteroOscar A Aracena-Montero
26 years old
paul-terrell-henryPaul Terrell Henry
41 years old
Peter Gonzalez CruzPeter O. Gonzalez-Cruz
22 years old
rodolfo-ayalaRodolfo Ayala-Ayala
33 years old
simon-carrilloSimon Adrian Carrillo Fernandez
31 years old
Shane Evan TomlinsonShane Evan Tomlinson
33 years old
Stanley Almodovar III
23 years old
Tevin Eugene CrosbyTevin Eugene Crosby
25 years old
Xavier Emmanuel SerranoXavier Emmanuel Serrano Rosado
35 years old


Geraldo A. Ortiz-Jimenez
25 years old Alejandro Barrios Martinez
21 years old
Yilmary Rodriguez Sulivan
24 years old


  • Scott Gatz

    My heart goes out to everyone whose lives were touched by these victims.

  • Drew

    The last time I saw so many young gay men struck down in the prime of their lives was in the 80s and 90s, where the killer was AIDS. I cried then until I had no more tears; now I do that again. I’m a 60-year old gay man who has seen a lot in his life and weeps now with the families and friends of those who were so savagely massacred early Sunday morning. Requiescant in pace.

  • Latinoguy00

    Where are the supportive comments of our Nations so called and self proclaimed Religious Leaders offering their condolences and prayers for the victims of this most horrific National Tragedy of Terriorism based on the abhorrent and twisted Religious Interpretation which calls for the Murder of Gay Men and Women, American Citizens Mostly of Latino/Hispanic Origin, but including Many Races, ethnicities, as well as many spiritual and or religious faith systems or none.

    Where are the voices of the Self Proclaimed Religious Leaders in Every Community of Every Spiritual, Religious or Non-Religious persuasion.
    These are the spirits and lives of Human Beings in The United States of America. Your Silence including that of the Pope is most disgusting and demonstrative of your Humanity.

    Shame on You All so called Religious Leaders of Our Nation at a time of pain and suffering for the loss of Human Lives and of those who are injured. Shame!

  • DanielleWilson

    Dear Everyone (Obama, Trump, Victims, Christians, etc.)
    Re: The Orlando Tragedy at Pulse Nightclub
    From: Me, Danielle Marie, an actual PERSON of “We, the People”
    This letter is in no particular order, nor do I aim to impress my opinions, values or personal beliefs upon anyone in writing it.
    To our President: I appreciate that you have expressed great and ACTUAL sorrow that this has happened, and thank you for the respect of flying the flag at half staff for the victims. I have opinions about gun control that don’t stagger prominently in either direction, but those are for another time. I do know that “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” and I will leave it at that.
    Mr. Trump, I can appreciate confident arrogance in the face of my beliefs, and I understand that you are in a race for a prestigious office, but perhaps if you could just tone it down a little bit and let people grieve, be sorrowful and not force your political agenda into this. It’s in poor taste.
    To the Christians/Catholics/Zeolots who say that this is just desserts for the LBGT community and they should repent for their sins, I beg you, look to your “teachings” and find the words regarding forgiveness, love, non-violence towards others and see this for what it is, a horrific tragedy. I may not know every word of the Bible, but I am positive that God doesn’t ever want us to hate. To me, EVERYONE truly is equal, unless you’re a murderer, rapist or pedophile, but hey, who the heck am I?
    To anyone and everyone whose thoughts are anything other than “how sad,” or “my heart breaks for the families,” or “this is sick:” What happened to these people was tragic and heartbreaking. Close your eyes and think of your loved ones, your children, your mothers, brothers, fathers, sisters. Imagine them trapped in a building, church, the White House, a mansion – with a man with evil in his heart and blackness in his eyes, whose sole purpose is to snuff the life out of as many people as possible before daybreak. What are their last thoughts? “I want my mommy,” “God, please help me,” “I don’t want to die.” These beautiful babies were PEOPLE, they WERE someone’s mother, father, daughter, son, brother, sister, they will never get to grow old and fall madly in love or have their own children, walk their daughters down the aisle, tell the people that are truly important to them that they love them or contribute another kind act to this world. And they spent their last moments on this earth in sheer terror. Walk a mile, as they say.
    To any and everyone thinking negative thoughts about anyone other than the evil man who perpetrated this horrendous act: PLEASE, I beg you, keep it to yourself. This simply isn’t about you and you have no right to take away from these poor souls’ tragic end by imposing your negativity and hatred into the situation.
    To the beautiful young children who lost their lives in this unspeakable horror, those of us who really are “PEOPLE,” are sad you are gone. Although we may not have known you, it makes no difference to us, you were beautiful in your own special way and you didn’t deserve to go out like that or so soon. I am so sorry that this happened to you and to your loved ones. I cried all day just thinking about you, in a room filled with people, yet all alone in your fear. I don’t understand why this has happened, I don’t know where our humanity has gone, and I am overcome with grief that it doesn’t seem like it will ever get better. I’m sorry that we can’t get it together, as a country, as human beings, and the outcome is what you have just suffered. I truly hope that you are all resting in peace to whatever beautiful end you deserve because you need that and so does your family. If there was ANYTHING that I could do to take away this much suffering in the world, I would. May God, Allah, the Lord, the periodic table, whoever scientologists believe in, the trees or WHATEVER you believe in, be what happens to you in the afterlife.
    With most heartfelt sympathy and sorrow,
    Danielle Marie Wilson
    Feel free to share.
    ?#?prayfororlando?, ?#?loveislove?

  • Dorset Lad

    I can’t stop reading about this, watching the news coverage, looking at their pictures and crying. I didn’t know any of these people and yet it’s so deeply painful. They’re all so young and vibrant with their lives stretched out before them. They all had people who loved them and those people now have to live with this loss. It’s just horrendous that this could happen. It scares me that people could contain such hate that they could do this to innocent people.

  • ingyaom

    I wonder how many of these people were outed just because they were murdered.

  • Luc

    il n’y a pas de mots pour exprimer ce que je ressens!!
    une pensée pour leurs familles et amis!!

  • MrMouth1117

    I think now is the time to reflect, think and pray! Politics and Religion just do not fit in with expressing grief! The political statements and religious belief or criticizing this faith or that just doesn’t belong in the expressing our grief! Rather let’s think of parents and even children that lost heir children and parents. Let’s think of those who lost their siblings! And the friends and lovers! That is where we need to concentrate our minds, hearts and souls otherwise R.I.P. is just 3 initials and abbreviations (just as their lives were abbreviated). If we just remain calm and pray their souls will find rest! Let’s let them REST IN PEACE! I am sure GOD has them in his loving arms! I send out a small section of my heart ans soul to all the victims’ families, friends and lovers, please use them to draw strength in the time of your needs!

  • walker2323

    We as Parents have to be Sick at Heart with Evil people that hurt our Sons and Daughters..We love our Son and his partner and we need to Stick together.. This World is Crazy and un safe.!!?Our Son is our life…I look at Whicked hateful people and feel Sad for them and I pray that they never have a Gay Son or Daughter as they would not deserve to be in there lives as Parents.We are So proud of our Son and his Partner. They have Class as Most Gay people do…

  • dwes09

    @Latinoguy00: There have been expressions of sorrow and grief, condolence and prayers from many religious leaders, local and national. This includes from the leaders of national Muslim organizations and local mosques.

  • GC1985

    I was pushed to tears seeing these photos and I can only leave this video of Bobby Kennedy who himself was a victim of violence he once warned against.

    Please show others this speech that was done in 1968. It still is irrelevant to this day.

  • GC1985

    I’m sorry… totally relevant to this day. Autocorrect on my new tablet is not working well. Totally relevant.

  • o.codone

    @DanielleWilson: You said: “To the Christians/Catholics/Zeolots who say that this is just desserts for the LBGT community ..”
    Expressing your contempt, intolerance and even hatred for Christians, Catholics, Zealots is despicable. You hateful post should be deleted. Zero tolerance for hate of any nature and description. Shame on you.

  • ingyaom

    @o.codone: I think you missed the point of that one.

  • GayEGO

    This is such a shock! Losing all of these wonderful people is a horrible crime and the killer and those who support these crimes against humanity need to be stopped by whatever means is possible.

  • osulisti

    SFGMC sings Solidarity.
    Last night, we taped this video to show our solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Orlando. #WeAreOrlando #OrlandoUnited

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