WATCH: Anderson Cooper Ridicules Pat Robertson Over Our Secret AIDS Rings

We’ve known forever that Pat Robertson is ridiculous, but Anderson Cooper has finally gotten into the game and used the “Ridiculist” segment of his CNN program to take the wind out of the jurassic sage. Cooper begins the segment by acknowledging that he traditionally ignores Robertson, whom he compares to an elderly relative who sits at the table uttering nonsense in between chewing on soft foods. However, Robertson’s latest rant which warned 700 Club viewers about our secret gay rings (who told him? I want names!) we use to spread AIDS (or “the stuff,” as Pat prefers to call it) just proved to be irresistible to the silver fox.

“Really?” Cooper asked mockingly. “A ring that gives you AIDS. I’ve never seen that particular section of Zales. Have you?”

Cooper understands Robertson’s concern. He just doesn’t want to give gay men (who, according to Pat, all live in San Francisco) an excuse to wear more jewelry.