“Filthy Dyke” Gets Sacked, Is Hero of the Week

British grocery worker Caroline Gardener became an instant hero a while back when she chucked a sack of flour at a motormouthed customer’s head. What would warrant such behavior? We can think of several things but in this instance an irate customer angrily called Gardener a “filthy dyke” after she informed him the store was out of lime cordial.

Gardener told the tribunal:

“I didn’t go for his throat, I just went for his collar because he had really upset me. When he called me a filthy dyke I had a pack of flour in my hand and, although I regret it now, I threw it at the back of his head. He then turned round and said, “You are a dyke and you’re going to get the sack”

The store, Booker Cash and Carry, fired Gardener—but this week a labor board ruled that the customer was abusive and that Gardener must either be rehired or paid a settlement. Apparently, the irate customer failed to learn Life Lesson Number One: Never piss off a lesbian with a sack of flour in hand.

Trust us, we know from experience.

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