2 angry men

1, 2, 3, FIGHT: Barney Frank’s Screams to (Not) Defend $30 Billion in Wall Street Bonuses

The reason you have Rep. Barney Frank on your television show is so you can engage in a screaming match with an elected official. It’s fun when everyone takes a turn!

No stranger to erupting with rage while a live television camera is on, it’s the most entertaining when he has a sparring partner. Yesterday, it was MSNBC’s Ed Schultz. The sticking point? The small matter of $30 billion in Wall Street bonuses.

We’ve watched this clip now twice, and are left with: Did either of these men actually say anything over the course of seven minutes?

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  • AlanInUtah

    I tried to listen, but damn that got annoying FAST!

  • The Swimmer

    I think Barney Frank is trying to send a message to the gay community.

    We’ve been going about this all wrong. If we want equal rights, we shouldn’t be lobbying Congress, we should be lobbying GOLDMAN SACHS!

    Think about it, they control Obama, Congress, and the rest of our elected officials. If the big money interests of AIG, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, Bank of America and the rest of corporate America demanded Obama pass a national gay marriage bill… IT WOULD PASS WITH FLYING COLORS IN BOTH HOUSES!

  • TimNCGuy

    What I took from this encounter is that Barney Frank is trying to convince the public that the proposals he is trying to get enacted will actually be effective.

    “Say on Pay” would allow stock holders to vote on company compensation packages. The problem is that it is a NON BINDING vote. So, the board of the company can ignore it.

    The administration is not proposing to break up the banks that are too big to fail. They are only proposing new methods that would allow the government to close them down AFTER they failed again. They will still be allowed to get in trouble, the governemt just wouldn’t bail them out next time. It would be far better to break them up NOW so that they are no longer too big to fail.

    The governemtn needs to break apart Bamks from Investment Houses. Banks should be banks and Investment Houses should be investment houses and the two should not be mixed into one institution. When they are mixed, the investment house uses parts of the federally insured bank deposits to make overly risky investments. This is EXACTLY the behavior that caused the meltdown.

    etc. etc, etc

    Barney Frank’s committee in the house is proposing “reforms”. But, they are far too weak to accomplish anything.

  • Charles Merrill

    The shareholders would vote against CEO bonuses because the money will return as dividends on the shareholder’s shares. Either way, the taxpayer gets screwed, again.

  • Mike L.

    OMFG I thought it was millions, NOT BILLIONS! Tax those bitches Frank! I hope they get that bill through where the share holders can vote on bonuses.

    Frank has it right as far as I can tell. Oh gosh shut up Ed (who the hell was Ed listening to on that earphone?), seriously man. Some times he just goes too far, msnbc’s version of Bill O.

  • Fitz

    What a disagreeable old fagot. Someone should shut him up.

  • Tylertime

    Was barney frank drunk? he seemed out of it.

  • Cam

    Is that an accent or a peech impediment?

  • Steve

    We need a “maximum wage” law.

    The maximum wage should be at most 20 times the median wage, or 50 times the minimum wage, whichever is less, that was paid by the same company to all other employees and full-time contract workers during the same period. (Have to include contractors, or else the working-class jobs will all be contracted out to raise the median.)

    To also account for bonuses and such, the maximum total compensation should be at most 20 times the median total compensation, whichever is less, that was paid by the same company to all other employees and full-time contract workers during the same period.

  • tart

    Doesnt he know about the infamous and massively unknown 80s DC pedophile sex scandal involving boystown and politicians?…its pretty dreary.

  • spar-k-ling

    I don’t even pretend to click on play to see his jowls start moving and his bullish mug chatter away. He is the gold standard among insiders. What a fake and consumate backroom deal maker…On a sensoral note .. everytime I see him I immediately smell stale farts and cabbage. I feel his funky spit hit my face and my ears hear dead fish flapping in the cold air.

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