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10 antigay trolls who were busted on Grindr

Last week, an antigay activist from South Africa was busted for allegedly having a secret Grindr profile.

Before deleting his account, Christiaan Otto regularly spewed homophobic nonsense about the evils of homosexuality and how gay people being responsible for coronavirus to his followers on Facebook.

That is until screenshots of an alleged Grindr chat between him and another man emerged online, revealing shirtless pictures of the antigay activist, who claimed to be “bottom/vers.”

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Shortly after that, screenshots of an alleged WhatsApp conversation between Otto and the man also emerged, in which he told the guy he would “burn in hell” for not deleting their Grindr chats.

“I thought I could trust you dude,” he allegedly wrote. “You say you deleted the Grindr chats. What are you trying to do? Delete and block me!”

Otto, of course, has denied everything, telling MambaOnline that he’s never had a Grindr profile or solicited another men for sex. Then he mysteriously deleted his Facebook page and went into hiding.

Check out these 10 other antigay trolls who were allegedly caught on Grindr…

Barry Cole Poyner

In December 2019, the antigay pastor from Missouri was arrested for offering a tank of gas and an Arby’s card in exchange for sex to an undercover cop on Grindr. The two agreed to meet at a local gas station. When Poyner saw the police cars, he tried to flee the scene. He was pulled over a few blocks later. He told police he never intended to hire a prostitute (using Arby’s gift cards) and was merely “trying to help.”

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Randy Boehning

In April 2015, the Republican lawmaker from North Dakota was outed after images taken from his Grindr profile surfaced online. His screen name? Top Man! Boehning, who had actively worked against LGBTQ rights, initially claimed it was retaliation for his antigay political stances, but he later admitted that, OK, OK, he’s “gay” and that he’s “relieved to come out” before adding that he’s also attracted to women and still doesn’t support LGBTQ rights.

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That mysterious Virginia lawmaker

In January 2016, a Grindr chat between gay reporter Brad Kutner and an anonymous antigay lawmaker from Southwestern Virginia who voted against protections for LGBTQ people surfaced online. Kutner published screenshots of the chat on GayRVA, Richmond’s queer news rag, though he chose not identify the guy out of pity for him.

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Dominic “Nick” Provenzano

In March 2018, it was revealed that the 56-year-old aide to “family values” politician Rep. Randy Hultgren of Illinois had been caught having car sex with a 17-year-old kid who he met on Grindr. Provenzano, who was married to a woman, told police he thought the kid was 18. Meanwhile, the teen said the whole thing was consensual.

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Austin Null

OK, so this one’s not quite a Grindr scandal, but it still fits the theme here… Video of the Christian vlogger masturbating into a toilet leaked online in January 2016, prompting him to record an apology (alongside his wife and kids) saying he only recorded the video after someone else had sent him some very NSFW photos and he was really, really sorry about it. Luckily, Jesus forgives, so it’s all good, right? Right?!

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Michael Jack Byrne

In 2015, the young Irish cleric, who described himself as “versatile” and  seeking “no-strings-attached sex” on Grindr, was accused of inviting a man back to his room at the presbytery and sexually assaulting him. In January 2017, the man reported the alleged incident to the Archbishop of Dublin who, in typical Catholic church fashion, had Byrne discreetly transferred to a different parish.

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Rory Coyle

While we’re on the subject of Irish priests, this fiery man of the cloth from Northern Ireland was busted in May 2016 for sending scandalous photos of himself to numerous men online. In his sexts, he admitted to participating in orgies, going to gay beaches, and renting rooms by the hour for “sex meets.” Shortly after the story broke, he was relieved of his clerical duties.

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Bill Sanderson

In July 2019, the Republican lawmaker resigned from office after being accused of keeping a secret Grindr profile while simultaneously pushing several pieces of antigay legislation through the Tennessee House of Representatives. After screenshots of alleged chats between him and numerous other men leaked online, the lawmaker, who happens to have a gay son, insisted he was being framed.

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Joseph McLoone

In August 2019, the Pennsylvania priest was charged with stealing almost $100,000 from his church to pay for a lavish beach party house, boyfriends, and other personal expenses, including a Grindr XTRA account. When confronted about it, he admitted to everything, saying he paid for “personal relationships” with men using church donations.

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Matt Moore

Finally, here’s one from the vault… When the outspoken ex-gay activist was outed for cruising the little orange grid in February 2013, he openly admitted to it. At the time, he said: “I am wrong in having been on Grindr. I haven’t changed my views on homosexuality, the Bible, etc. Creating a Grindr profile and talking to guys on it was major disobedience on my part….disobedience to Christ.”

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