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The 10 most awesome queer movies of 2021

Summer of 85

Another year of social distancing, masks, and (mostly) staying in the house winds to a close. Thank the Lord for the movies which have helped us pass the time and maintain our sanity.

And thank goodness the movies are much better than last year. We’ve seen a gay couple arrive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Eternals), characters pop up in major awards bait (West Side Story, In The Heights) and queer artists head up productions both indie (Swan Song) and blockbuster (The Matrix Resurrections). 

Note that our list here does not include documentaries, though we will give a shout out to Pray Away, The Capote Tapes, The Velvet UndergroundKilling Patient Zero, I Carry You With Me and Whirlybird as among our favorites.

As for scripted fare, join us in our countdown. These are the most awesome queer movies of 2021.

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10. Dramarama

This love letter to high school drama club and high school closet cases brought back tender memories of the camaraderie, creativity and, well, drama of growing up in more oppressive times. The young cast, led by Nick Pugliese, shines in their respective roles and (gasp) actually look, sound, and act like real teenagers.

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