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10 Awkwardly Homoerotic Stock Photos

These stock photos are questionable at best but, hey, someone thought it was worthwhile taking these pictures. You know, for research purposes or something.

1. Men At Play?


2. Milking the cowtumblr_lzkotjwCe61qakqfvo1_400

3. Awkward dancing dudes dancing too close to each othertumblr_m4l5d9N1G81qakqfvo1_400

4. Incest porn? Ewwwtumblr_metmyaEadl1qakqfvo1_400

5. Marble penis envytumblr_mizphzWhKV1qakqfvo1_400

6. Morning woodtumblr_mlb838DqPj1qakqfvo1_400

7. Whatever is about to happen heresb10063395c-001

8. Broadway Bares gone wrong


9. Waiting in line2543467

10. Hard fruit


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[Photos: AwkwardStockPhotos]