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  • Mezaien

    Thanks for OBAMA, who make it VERY! possible to all of us in the USA and the world.

  • Mezaien

    PS, Steve Gallardo, we love you in the dark ages Arizona.

  • Bryguyf69

    In another blog, I posted that I loved Sam Smith’s BRILLIANT interpretation of “How Will I Know?” because his anguished voice hinted at a personal backstory. His description here of an unrequited love explains the sincerity permeating his voice.

  • Sebizzar

    Seems like every day someone comes out and another place legalizes gay marriage :) My faith keeps growing!

    • Bryguyf69

      @Sebizzar: And it’s precisely what TERRIFIES homophobes so much. As people realize that giving gays equality — including marriage — didn’t affect them negatively, homophobes could no longer use fear as their tool. Whenever I debate this issue, I ask the enemy to give me evidence of the harm that has happened in states and nations that have passed gay marriage (or gays in the military, etc). I have yet to hear any. In fact, there have been some positive effects, i.e. extra revenue from gay marriages, money saved by not having to expel gay troops, etc.

      There will be a day within our lifetimes when children won’t understand the concept of “coming out” (as gay).

  • jonjct

    @Mezaien: please, obama is on the gay rights issue because it’ practically the ONLY thing this social worker from chicago CAN do. wait, did i just knock social workers? please mezaien, keep it real!

  • blondella

    What’s great about Ben Hobson’s coming out? He lied to a woman about his own sexuality, willingly entered a sham marriage, and ended up separated with two kids. What he did was hurtful and the way he came out is typical of an attention seeker.

    Why is he celebrated here? Oh, I see.

    • Bryguyf69

      @blondella: Your complaint doesn’t make sense. Queerty is lauding him for COMING OUT. Everything you complained about was due to him being CLOSETED. Had he been out, he wouldn’t have 1) gotten into a “sham marriage,” 2) gotten separated with two kids, and 3) sought attention by coming out. Where do you see any praise for him being closeted or getting married? Surely you agree that he — or anyone — should be praised for coming out, right?

      And surely you agree that it’s generally tougher for a married Mormon with 2 kids to come out than for most of us, right? And surely you’d agree coming out publicly will make it harder to live and be employed in a small town, right? So why shouldn’t we praise him for taking such a tough decision?

      You also seem ignorant of the story as well as similar scenarios. You claim that “he lied to a woman about his own sexuality.” Like so many such stories, Ben didn’t know he was gay when he got married. Or when he had kids. It was only after a lot of self-analysis, in search of a reason for alcohol abuse, that he realized he was gay. If you think that this is unusual, you really need to do some research. There are some wonderful books on gay men who marry, and I’ve even posted a video about married gay Mormon men. So under what basis, besides ignorance, are you claiming that he knowingly lied to a woman and “willingly entered a SHAM marriage”? Care to provide a quote or reference? Has his wife complained? And which of his videos show anything “hurtful” to his children? Or do you evidence we don’t? From what I’ve seen, he’s an exemplary dad.

      Surely you’re not megalomaniacal to assume that your experience also applies to him? Namely, that he HAD to know he was gay before he married. Again, do your research.

      Finally, I don’t understand your criticism of the way he came out. First, are you denying that his video might have helped and inspired others? I can tell you firsthand that two teens I’m counseling found him inspirational. Are you criticizing ANYONE who comes out via social media? Is it your view that coming out should only be private? So what exactly was wrong with what he did? Did he call the news media? Did he force it down your throat? Did he fill your mailbox with his story? Nope. He posted a SHORT video, where a few seconds said he’s gay. Much of the video was about his marriage, his kids and his alcoholism. And most importantly, YouTube is a PASSIVE medium. Viewers have to CHOOSE to watch, and clearly many have.

      Your complaint says more about you and your issues, than his. You’d be better off doing some self-analysis than complaining about others. And while you’re at it, actually learn his story and the stories of other gay men who marry.

    • cutemikey

      @blondella: I don’t understand your complaint. Have you seen his latest video? I’s a simple video celebrating his daughter’s birthday starring Ben, his ex-wife, the birthday girl and his baby son. Does that ex-wife look upset to you? Do you know of another gay YouTube channel with so many fatherhood videos? Esp from someone so young (which makes him relatable)? That fact makes his channel valuable. And it’s great PR for the gay community, blasting away stereotypes of young gays as superficial drug-infested party boys.

      Your criticism is misplaced. It makes it sound like you prefer the typical superficial gay channel from 25 y/os …

    • jockboy1986

      @blondella: @blondella: You seem clueless about Ben Hobson and his channel, and making a general complaint about attractive gay men. As gays, we should be especially careful about generalizing. His latest video, celebrating his daughter’s birthday with his ex-wife, is far from mindless or superficial. He even posted a long comment about how children ads discriminate against Asian and African-American children! When was the last time you saw that on a young gay man’s vlog? He’s a good guy and a great role model. And a great poster boy to represent gays to America.

    • jockboy1986

      @blondella: How does this video or any of Ben’s other videos match anything you said? Perhaps you’re offended by the fact that he’s attractive and wearing a tanktop and shorts?

  • blondella

    @Bryguyf69: Oh, please… Not that “I didn’t know I was gay” excuse. If you are old enough to be married, you should be smart enough to know your own sexual orientation.

    His life story is not believable in the least.

  • blondella

    @cutemikey: Now people get trophies just for being a father? Your idea about PR is absurd.

  • blondella

    @jockboy1986: I don’t give a crap what he looks like or what he wears.

    Ben Hobson is a nobody compared to the others listed here, who are truly inspirational and have all accomplished something without lying him-/herself into a hetero marriage.

    • Bryguyf69

      @blondella: Yeah, let’s ignore the research in the field and accept the megalomanical opinion of someone who has neither lived or researched the topic. Apparently, your experience is the yardstick by which others live. At least in your mind. Sure, I’m going to the the bitter opinion of someone whose replies consist of “oh please,” “absurd” and insults. Not one sentence indicating any knowledge of the issue. It’s truly sad that some feel gays have a need to feel self-righteous and judge others, when homophobes are already doing the same.

  • blondella

    @Bryguyf69: I didn’t read your full rant. It just sounds like the incoherent mumbling of a madman who got hold of a thesaurus.

    Ben Hobson posted a video on YouTube. That’s not much of an accomplishment. A great coming-out? Hardly.

  • blondella

    @Bryguyf69: The greatest ignorance I see here is on the part of Ben Hobson, who knowingly married a woman even though he was and is gay.

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