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10 Men Strip Naked on Fishing Boat And It Isn’t a Gay Cruise?

Dave Lloyd and a handful of his British friends hired a fishing boat for his stag party. They got naked, and a rescue helicopter wondered, “WTF?”

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Allow the riveting Sun report to explain:

The ten lads hired a fishing boat for the day — and once they were out at sea suddenly stripped naked to give their skipper a fright. But their nude prank backfired when they were caught on camera by an RAF rescue helicopter that swooped overhead.

Mark Thomas, skipper of the Blue Thunder charter boat, said: “I was gobsmacked. I was steering the boat out to the fishing grounds when I turned around and saw them all naked. “They stood there fishing without a stitch on — I was getting a bit nervous because there were hooks flying all over the place. But a coastguard look-out saw what was going on and alerted the RAF helicopter which was in the area at the time. It hovered over us and the lads were jumping up and down, waving and having a good laugh.”

Adds best man Nick Woore: “It was pretty much a spur of the moment thing. The skipper went into his cabin and we thought we would surprise him when he came out. We were all naked when the helicopter came over us. What started off as a quiet fishing trip with a few beers turned into naked madness. It was one of the best fishing trips we’ve have ever had.”

Yes, they actually caught a few mackerel.