Seeing Stars

10 photos of celebs having fun at Pride to put you in the mood

In recent years, a number of said celebrities have come out to Pride festivals to take part in the celebration of love and equality.

Who can blame them?

Have a look at some of our favorite shots here…

1. RuPaul

Noted drag star, Emmy-winner and activist speaks at Washington D.C. Pride. RuPaul has been an LGBT rights advocate since the 1990s.

2. Jonathan Groff

Broadway actor, star of Looking and Mindhunter serves as Grand Marshall at New York Pride.

3. Laverne Cox

First ever transgender Emmy-nominee, transgender rights activist, and fashionista at New York Pride.

4. Ian McKellan

Stage actor, Oscar nominee, icon and longtime activist celebrating Pride in London. McKellen was the first openly gay man to receive a knighthood.

5. George & Brad Takei

Actor and outspoken activist for marriage equality celebrating Pride with his husband in Los Angeles.

6. Dustin Lance Black & Tom Daley

Oscar-winning writer and Olympic diver–both marriage equality activists–deliver a special address at London Pride.

7. Darren Criss

Star of American Crime Story and Glee hanging out at New York Pride. Criss has championed The Trevor Project.

8. Cheyenne Jackson

Stage star and grand marshal at San Francisco Pride.

9. Ellen Page

Oscar-nominated actress celebrating at New York Pride.

10. Gavin Newsom & Antonio Villaragosa

Former mayors of San Francisco and Los Angeles, respectively, celebrating Los Angeles Pride. Ok, they’re both straight. But wouldn’t it be nice? And another thing…who are the dudes with them?

11. Hillary Clinton

Doesn’t she look like she’s having a blast? No doubt her White House would have had some rainbows on it, rather than making it into the swampy cesspool of glowering and corruption its current occupant has built.