10 Reasons Grace Jones’s Memoir Will Be The Gayest And Greatest Thing Ever


Model, singer, actress, androgyne, crazy person, disco diva, 54er, alien and all-around “EVERYTHING” Grace Jones is coming out with a memoir! As one of the most unique faces and voices of the 20th century, the 65-year-old has been, done and fucked it all. Her uncompromising androgyny made her an LGBTQ icon and inspired the likes of Annie Lennox, Rihanna and Lady Gaga — who never met a cowl she didn’t like.

The memoir is due out next fall through Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuester. In a statement released by Gallery, Jones noted her 1981 song, “Art Groupie” began with the lyrics “I’ll never write a memoir” but she changed her mind because if she didn’t, someone else would. So in the spirit of one-upsmanship — and in giggly girlish anticipation of the real deal — we came up with our own personal account of Grace Jones’s extraordinary, discocaine-fueled, art star life. Pull up to the bumper, kids, we’re gonna get weird.

Here are 10 reasons Grace Jones’s memoir will be the gay event of the year!

1. From humble beginnings…


Beverly Grace Jones was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica in 1948, where, raised by strict, highly religious grandparents, she and her siblings went to church three times a week. The kids eventually joined their parents in Syracuse, New York and Grace enrolled in Syracuse University. Subsequently, this is the most relaxed her hair or face has ever looked.

2. To bright lights, big city!


Photo; Antonio’s Girls

Halfway through college, that legendary rebellious streak reared its gorgeous head and Grace ran off with her professor to Philly, only to move back to New York at 18 and start modeling. She moved to Paris in 1970, where she shared a room with a few gals she had met — Jerry Hall and Jessica Lange. The trio of Amazons were taken under the wing of gay fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez, and became the toasts of the town. Grace started musing and modeling for Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo Takada, Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin, while kicking up her heels with Karl Lagerfeld and Giorgio Armani at the French disco, Club Sept. A disenchanted Lange checked out of Paris after only a year and no one’s heard from her since.

3. DISCO!!!

At the height of the disco craze, Grace put out three albums, starting with 1977’s Portfolio, produced by Tom “Father of the Disco Mix (and therefore, my father)” Moulton, which included this 12″ mix of Edith Piaf’s “La Vie en Rose.” When it comes to disco, and certain men, you really shouldn’t accept anything less than 12″.

4. Studio 54



Back in New York, Grace became a fixture at Studio 54, bumping lines and hips with Divine, Andy Warhol, gal pal André Leon Talley, and a ton of naked (probably gay) dudes, all while giving world-class side-eye in a cateye.


“Oh, Bianca Jagger just rode in on a white horse? I did that five years ago on a Bengal tiger, now where’s my damn cocktail?”

5. Sex and androgyny

When disco began to wane — nothing perfect lasts forever — Grace turned her attention to the New Wave and came out with Warm Leatherette in 1980 then her magnum opus, Nightclubbing a year later, featuring the classic club track, “Pull Up to the Bumper.” The song’s thinly-veiled reference to butt sex has endeared itself to generations of gay men, even though Grace claims it’s really just about parallel parking, or something. Jones’ androgynous look also reached its most iconic level with the cover of Nighclubbing, serving obsidian opulence:


 6. Ahhnuld


 In 1984, Grace made her debut as a mainstream actress next to a scantily-clad, musclebound Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the Destroyer— a childhood favorite, for very personal reasons. She took her role very seriously, so seriously in fact she put two stuntmen in the hospital. And that was just when they told her she couldn’t have her own makeup person on set.

7. Dolph


Continuing her love of giant, incredibly muscular white men, Grace Jones decided to form a master race with her then-bodyguard Dolph Lundgren — another childhood favorite, for very private reasons. The two did the world a favor and posed for Playboy together and she got him a small role in 1985’s A View to a Kill, which led to the beginning of his career and the subsequent end of Carl Weathers’s career.

8. It’s all about the art


Grace continued recording, releasing the concept album Slave to the Rhythm and the compilation album Island Life, both in 1985. The latter’s cover, a collaboration with French artist and then-beau Jean-Paul Goude, has become one of the most iconic works of  art in popular culture and a source of inspiration for big-bootied beauties:



9. Keith Haringkeith-haring-grace-jones_1


Jones also frequently collaborated with the late, great gay artist Keith Haring, who painted his muse’s epic body for her “I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect for You)” video and  the 1985 vampire flick, Vamp. Rihanna would later blatantly rip off the Jones-Haring look for her “Rude Boy” video, but we could dedicate an entire post to artists who’ve blatantly ripped off Grace Jones. Looking at you, Stephanie Germanotta.

10. It’ll answer an eternal question


1992 saw something of a comeback for Grace when she stretched her acting muscles to portray a wackadoo model in the Eddie Murphy comedy, Boomerang. Over the following 20 years, she’s popped up here and there, in music, in random TV shows and movies, assaulting someone somewhere and generally Gracing us with her presence. A true original, Grace Jones is also one of the greatest LGBTQ icons of all time. Not only did she hobnob with some of the great queers of her gay day, she also lived a life that is the envy of any gay man. Honestly, disco, Dolph and Divine — you’ve got all the D’s for a homotastic existence. Well, maybe not all of them:


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  • jwrappaport

    Come now, you didn’t mention her appearance in View to a Kill! Probably my fifth favorite Bond film, and I daresay Grace needs credit here for that.

  • Cam

    So basically it’s gay because….why? There is nothing in there about her doing anything gay, the song that gay men love because they thought it was about anal sex, she says it is not, and she has famously dated men.

    Queerty. you may want to re-look up the definition of “Gay”.

  • Caliban

    Oh, Cam, Cam, Cam. Like it or not, Grace Jones is, or was, a gay icon. She was styled by many gay men and her music was the background to the hedonistic late 70s disco scene. Then she segued into a more pared-down sound for Warm Leatherette and Nightclubbing in the 80s, which are still great albums. Assuming she tells the truth (which is by no means guaranteed) he memoir should be full of tidbits about famous gay men from Warhol to Haring and all the closeted designers of the era. What’s NOT gay about that?

  • Deepdow

    I just became a fan of Grace Jones from her last album Hurricane. I have distant memories from the mid 90s perusing through my father’s vinyl album collection and coming across Nightclubbing which was totally enigmatic to me. My parents have great taste in music :D

    Hey Cam, I usually love your passion here but lighten up on this one.

  • Dxley

    This is disgusting. All those pictures just made me wanna puke. Gross!!!

  • Charlie in Charge

    She is devastatingly gorgeous, and oh to have been at that photo shoot with Dolph…. it would have been… I’m sorry where was I?

    Will check out the memoir.

  • ezywonder

    Hope it’s a gigantic coffee table opus !

  • Scribe38

    When I was a little kid I had a weird attraction to her. I guess because she has a masculine vibe. Made my dad take me to see Vamp because of her.

  • AshNYC

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Grace….can’t wait for the book!

  • AEH

    Jessica Lange as in Sister Jude?

  • Niall

    Question: Idk about this, so all I need is clarification and I’m not trying to disparage Grace Jones, but I’ve always wondered, besides the fact that gay people were into her music, was she actually actively for the gays like someone like Madonna was?

  • ibernard

    And I have over 5,000 photos of her, front and center from The Hammerstein 2009 and the infamous one-off Hurricane-Hallowe’en-Full Moon only US performance in 2012 at the legendary Roseland Ballroom. She was so close to me at one point with the big YELLOW SMILE headpiece, that I couldn’t even photograph her! Wait, boys and girls. Wait until you see my book! Phenomenal photographs, with a REAL camera.

    I’m not perfect, but I was perfectly placed for Miss Grace! LOVE THIS!!! WOOOOO-HOOOO!

  • Lester Brathwaite

    @Niall: Yeah, she was performing for gay men from day one. There’s a track I was listening to this morning — it was all Grace today — where Goude was talking about her looking like a man, singing “I Want a Man” to a room full of gay men” and that’s when he fell in love with her.

  • Lester Brathwaite

    @Cam: I just looked it up and I saw myself. And the way she played with the idea of masculinity and femininity while embracing gay men and gay culture make her a huge and inspirational icon.


    LOVED this article (Well Done!) and can’t wait to get ahold of this book. The pics alone should be Priceless… ;)


    @Cam: JEEZ, Lighten Up. Go live in the non-existent, 100-percent, All-Gay, All-the-Time World. Good Luck with that, BTW… :(

  • Cam


    Actually you need to lighten up. Did I attack Grace Jones? No, Did I say she wasn’t a gay Icon? No, what I simply pointed out that Queerty said her memoir would be the “GAYEST” thing ever.

    Considering that there is nothing gay in it, that would mean that it is NOT the gayest thing ever.

    That doesn’t mean that gays won’t like it or that it won’t be interesting for gays to read. But calling it the gayest thing ever when there is nothing gay in it is just ridiculous.

  • boring

    Fuck the phrase “Gay Icon,” Grace Jones is an Icon, PERIOD.


    @Cam: WHATEVER, Dude. As in your response to me, I was just pointing out that you’re coming off kinda militantly, self-righteously indignant, that’s all. Have a Great Day/Night, Sunshine… :(

  • Lester Brathwaite

    @jwrappaport: And it would’ve been such an easy pun: Gay Day. May Gay. Eh, perhaps too easy.

  • yaoming

    I have been educated about Grace. Thanks.

  • cantstopme

    Grace is a legend.

  • babybabybaby

    I would like to see Grace perform one more time….

  • yaoming

    Forgot to mention that she performed for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I’d say that’s pretty gay.

  • cenlanurse

    Big fan of Grace Jones here. I MUST get this book. She’s the definition of gay icon!

  • eigilvesti

    grace jones was/is a gay icon, diva and one-of-a-kind- legend.
    besides all the info in this article, grace performed at gay leather bars, during the time, (70s) no one, even some gay men would perform @.
    there is the infamous performance @ the bullshot on la brea ave, (now la plaza) when she rode into the bar on a motorcycle with a leather daddy, later in the 80s she performed @ the probe on highland ave, an after party- kinky men’s club of the era. she was supposed to go on @ midnight, but came on @ 3am.. the performance was sparse and AMAZING.. i have never seen anything like it until her performance @ hollywood bowl 3 years ago where she received a well- deserved 10 minute standing ovation. and this was for her first number!

  • scotshot

    @Cam: Go watch something on Lifetime and STFU.

  • Cam

    @KEVINVENTION: said..

    “@Cam: WHATEVER, Dude. As in your response to me, I was just pointing out that you’re coming off kinda militantly, self-righteously indignant, that’s all. Have a Great Day/Night, Sunshine… :(”

    So lets see, I legitimately point out that the book isn’t gay. That is might be interesting or fun to read, but calling it the “Gayest” is silly since there is nothing gay in it. And in return, you can’t make a real response to you just attack and insult.

    Please point out how my statement was incorrect if you can. If you can’t, then please explain how your commentary in any way shows you to be anything different than what you accused me of.

  • just4fun17

    @Cam: The equally hyperbolic “greatest” was used in the title which you seem reluctant to opine on. I mean take the “literal shades” off and enjoy some of the “gay” stories being shared by people in the thread.

  • RomanHans

    @Deepdow: HURRICANE? That’s like saying you became a fan of Paul McCartney because of his work with Wings. Portfolio is absolute brilliance from first note to last.

  • RomanHans

    @eigilvesti: An ex took me to see her at Lion Country Safari somewhere south of L. A. Yes, she actually gave a concert at an animal-based theme park with lions and rhinos and sh!+ walking around. Was scheduled to come on at 10 but finally turned up at 3 am.

  • RomanHans

    @Niall: Good question! Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but the way I see it is that back then gay people were creating their own culture rather than trying to fit in. We were making our own neighborhoods, going to our own clubs, and listening to our own music. Sure, there were demonstrations whenever something particularly horrible happened — like Harvey Milk’s assassination — but mostly we were just creating a space for ourselves. Grace was a fabulous part of that space and she clearly loved being in it.

  • Cam


    The title and body were what I was referencing.

  • B Damion

    Yassssss… Ms Thang. I live..I live. Pic#9 is everything. Now Grace is what I call a super model.

  • Niall

    @Niall: @RomanHans: Thanks for the answer you guys :)

  • eigilvesti

    yah! i remember that, but didn’t get to go! thanks for reminding… grace is legend gay or otherwise

  • eigilvesti

    @RomanHans: @RomanHans:

    yes roman you hit the “head on the nail.” gay wasn’t as political then, because we didn’t stand a chance on winning.
    i remember the first time i personally saw gays unite was over anita bryants rant. a gay organization held a benifit @ the hollywood bowl, (1977?) to defeat prop 6 against gay teachers in california. we turned out in droves! it was so exciting and empowering… i kept seeing celebrities in the audience and thinking- wow~ are they gay?
    the performers included lily tomlyn, richard prior, (who told the audience to kiss his black ass) and bette midler, ( who told richard prior to kiss her white ass)

  • Ghstboi3


    Thank you for reminding me of the Probe and her performance there.. I had forgotten.
    I agree when she was out we were just starting to make a place for us that is why it is good that we remember and celebrate our past … Grace Jones was a part of that past!

  • Kangol

    I love her! She is one of the best!

  • scotshot

    @eigilvesti: “gay wasn’t political then”?

    I don’t believe I’ve ever read a more ignorant statement on these pages than that statement. That’s saying a lot.

    I’d written a couple pages in reply when I realized it would fall on deaf ears.

    There’s a wealth of information out there if anyone is interested.

    People have died – and still are dying – so this crowd can argue if at 26 or 27 someone’s over the hill.


  • lluckyleo

    i love grace – she is a legend – i went to see her perform many years ago
    and she was fantastic – i will read the book cause of grace – nothing to do with gay.

  • eigilvesti

    @ scotshot

    retract your fangs.
    i said~ ” gay wasn’t AS political then, because we didn’t stand a chance on winning.”
    i also mentioned prop 6 and the benefit for human rights @ the hollywood bowl..
    this of course is all before harvey’s murder and AIDS.
    i’m 55 years old. i was stating events i remember at that time- (1977) specifically and how at that age when i became involved. gay politics gained momentum after anita bryant and harvey’s murder.
    if you’re going to try to insult me at least read what i wrote completely. i’m stating a historical prospective of coming of age- as a gay young man in los angeles . once again grace jones was right there very early on.

    Full story here:

  • scotshot

    @eigilvesti: You’ve put a different emphasis on that AS, which makes a big difference, doesn’t it? I’m 59 and that slight difference in age furnished me with a whole different set of reference points. I remember Stonewall occuring and it’s aftermath as the beginning of the movement. It’s my touchstone on the beginning or jumpstart of the gay rights movement. (Actually the Mattachine society from the 50s & 60s were some of the bravest pioneers we’ve had & there’s virtually no recognition of them). For me the whole era was political what with the war, women’s lib, everything – all of my connection are 5 years older than yours. It’s frustrating at times to see the most important thing in some lives today are whether someone has shaved their crotch or not. Were we any different? Anyway I ramble. No hard feelings? Oh yeah-I have claws, I’ve been defanged.

  • BrandoPolo

    Legend. Love her.

  • eigilvesti

    yes it does.. i actually think we’re in agreement about this whole thing….
    i was stating my personal involvement in my young gay life and how political events started to impact me. of course later on and now, i’m well versed in our rich history. it was my personal observation that we lost most of our early political battles, ( 1960s. early 1970s) because of the extreme homophobia of the times… i began to notice an impact- reaction when anita bryant made her ludicrous statements. at the time i was surprised so much of the general public came out against her.. then prop 6 was defeated, (allowing gay teachers) and harvey’s brief era, AIDS and then the shit really hit the fan.
    btw- i later worked at the advocate as a freelance photographer and covered all the political events of the late 80s.

  • scotshot

    @eigilvesti: Many times different paths lead to the same destination. Good talking to you.

  • chriscp1

    Jones is devastatingly gorgeous? no, she isn’t. She could be attractive, but the ugly crew cut hair, ugly jacket with cigarette hanging out of her mouth, she always just looks weird and plain ugly. The only reason I see for her being a model is her height. I don’t see how these ugly, mannish looks of hers could be attractive. Jessica Lange is gorgeous. Jones is not, And what great music has she done? Nothing. She says the bumper song is about parallel parking, gays want to make this song what they want. So be it. She says it is not about anal sex.She of all people should know.

  • chriscp1

    Jones is devastatingly gorgeous? No.She isn’t. She could be attractive, but the ugly, crew cut hair, ugly jacket photo with cigarette hanging out of her mouth,She uglies herself all the time.. Jessica Lange is gorgeous. Jones has not made any great music. And I agree, the bumper song, she says it is about parallel parking, not anal sex. She should know, of all people. But everyone has the right to dream on.

  • ErikO

    I love Grace Jones! I want to read her book even more now.

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