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10 Reasons To Be Happy Wrestling Is Back In The Olympics


Following the London Olympics, it was suddenly announced that the games’ most ancient athletic competition had been dropped from the program. But earlier this week the International Olympic Committee made the decision to reinstate wrestling. The recent news means the sport will back for the 2020 games on a provisional basis. And we could not be more delighted about the prospect of the sport continuing its run beyond the Rio Games.

2016 was thought to be the last shot at a medal for these athletes, but their dreams (and ours) have been extended for at least two more competitions.

1. The tight singlets.


2. The scruff appeal.


3. The presentation. (Estonia gives Cuba a 10!)


4. The aggressive mounting.


5. The active bottoms.


6. The love taps.


7. And butt-grabbing.


8. Whatever this is.


9. The ‘end of match’ caress.


10. The flexing.


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  • davyboy

    Was amazing to see live!!

  • TVC 15

    Loving it!

  • WhyteRabbit

    YES!!! lol. i knew they couldn’t REALLY get rid of it lol.

  • sailor374

    What amazes me is they wanted to drop the wrestling.Last Olympics I saw the winner of the women’s skeet shooting competition and she weighed at least 250lbs.I mean is she seriously considered an Olympic Athlete? If they need to drop a sport it should be something else, not wrestling, I am surprised skeet shooting is even considered a sport


    On #8, assuming I was paying close enough attention to the enlightening but woefully unrelatable discussions among my straight fraternity brothers back in college, I believe that’s “the wheelbarrow”.

    Although, since the photo shows an inverted form, maybe it’s better if we coin a term to describe that variation… I nominate “the weed whacker”.

  • Rockery


  • Dxley

    Two men “groping” each other in that manner? Russia ain’t happy. No, sir. It ain’t!!!!

  • STX414

    Uh y’all may wanna check your facts. Wrestling is still happening in Rio in 2016.

  • Katbox

    Wrestlers always have the hottest bodies.
    They were getting rid of it to make room for golf….golf??!
    WTF?! Golf ain’t no fucking sport. Neither is nascar.

  • J.c.

    I couldn’t even believe they had the audacity to even suggest getting rid of this ancient sport in favor of the stupid so called sports they have put in there, like “beach Bimbo volley ball”! Come on. What’s next Hula Hoops? Wait!I know! Men’s twerking! Alrighty then! (lol)

  • litper

    It’s fun the most wrestlers are so homophobic! Wrestling is just men’s kamasutra. And don’t forget it was invented by our greek and roman gay grandpas ;)

  • Derek Williams

    Holy Pulchritude Batman!

  • Alan down in Florida

    I think they should go back to the original Olympics and have all the wrestling matches in the nude.

  • Robert House

    My Friday needed this.

  • fivetilmidnight

    @sailor374: unless you’re able to compete in said sport and actually be as good if not better than those other athletes then you probably shouldn’t talk shit, because chances are no matter what you say you couldn’t be half as good to make it to the Olympics anyways.

  • startenout

    Oh why did I not wrestle in high school?

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