put a ring on it

10 romantic movies to get you in the mood for popping the question

Courtesy Shane Co. 

What is it about the human character that so draws us to love stories?

Hollywood has made a cottage industry out of happy, beautiful couples tying the knot accompanied by swelling music and impossibly elaborate and dramatic weddings. And yet, fans can't seem to get enough!

Of course, we in the queer world spent most of Hollywood's first century starved for love stories about people like us.

How lucky, then, that in the past few decades we've started to see tales of LGBTQ people finding romance in glossy, Tinseltown fashion. For an uplifting dose of puppy dog eyes, erotic tension, and passionate movie kisses, we love to turn to these stories of tenderness and enchantment in the hopes that we too might someday get to put a ring on it (and as an added bonus, we now have in Shane Co. a jeweler to make the ring a reality...). Here are some of our favorite LGBTQ love stories built to fit the big screen. 

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Chiron and Kevin’s love affair, which spans decades, throbs with sexual tension and buried passion. We like to imagine that after the powerful, sexy climax (innuendo intended), Chiron pops the question to Kevin. Attraction in the movies doesn’t get much more intense.

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