10 Songs Madonna Could’ve Dedicated To Elton John In Concert Instead Of “Masterpiece”

Last night at a concert in France, Madonna dedicated a performance of her new song “Masterpiece” to tabloid sparring partner Elton John, who recently referred to her as a “fairground stripper.” “The dedication came right after her big stump speech about Pussy Riot and having a revolution through love,” says writer Tony Phillips. (Crafty, Madonna. Very, very crafty.)

Below, Phillips and Christine McNamara came up with a list of songs the Material Matron might have chosen instead.

1. Borderline
2. She’s Not Me
3. Bad Girl
4. You’ll See
5. Girl Gone Wild
6. Queen’s English
7. Laugh to Keep from Crying
8. I Don’t Give A
9. This Lady’s Got Potential
10. Papa Don’t Preach
Bonus: You Must Love Me

Got another suggestion? Take a bow in the comments!