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10 things Kellyanne Conway looked like other than a respectable politico at Trump’s inauguration

Sometimes even Gucci makes mistakes. That’s what pretty much everyone was thinking as they watched Kellyanne Conway emerge from her car at Trump’s inauguration this morning. She was dressed in a $3,600 red, white, and blue wool coat studded with gold cat buttons made by the esteemed Italian designer. She capped off the look with a bright red hat, gloves, and matching handbag. The entire getup was, in a word, rather deplorable.

Scroll down for 10 things Kellyanne Conway looked like other than a respectable political insider at at Trump’s inauguration…

A nutcracker

Who wore it better: #KellyanneConway or the #Nutcracker????

A photo posted by Coco Perez (@cocoperezinsta) on

Paddington Bear

#kellyanneconway #paddingtonbear #whoworeitbetter

A photo posted by Kristen Schremm (@kristenschremm) on

A Confederate soldier

A popsicle

Had to… #kellyanneconway #kellyanneconwayfail #inauguration2017

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Who wore it better? #kellyanneconway #napoleon

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A majorette

Making America Great Again. #kellyanneconway #inauguration #majorette

A photo posted by Melanie Klausner (@wmnofthewind) on

Woody the Woodpecker

Guess who? ? #kellyanneconway

A photo posted by Lorraine Johnson ? (@drunkybrewster1) on

Yankee Doodle

Who wore it better? #whoworeitbetter #kellyanneconway #innauguration #miss

A photo posted by Danny G (@thatssodanny) on

A Hot Dog On A Stick employee

This is for you, @tinytummy_biglife!!!! ?????? #hotdogonastick #kellyanneconway #shehasnogayfriends #whoallowedthis

A photo posted by ??????. ?? Elizabeth (Beth) (@e.a._hancock_rny) on

But, most obviously, a woman with absolutely no gay friends

@kellyanneconway #kellyanneconway #cryptkeeper

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  • JerseyMike


  • Brian

    I think she looked wonderful. Beats the hell out of the slut look favored by liberal women….

    • JerseyMike

      you talking about the bimbo look from Fox news right..

    • tricky ricky


    • dwes09

      Says the man who hates women more than anything and never misses a chance to say so. Obviously being a Trump sycophant trumps your misogyny!

  • Paco

    She forgot to complete her outfit with a big red nose and clown makeup.

    • tricky ricky

      she’s such a big powerful busy important woman who lies for a living that she just can’t spare the time to either comb her tangled up rats nest of a mane or get a sensible haircut.

    • Uppity

      Yeah it looks like she washed it herself then banged the hat on while it was still wet.

  • Uppity

    This would have to be the worst-ever publicity for Gucci. I’d imagine the coat is well made, but it seriously looks like something cooked up a two-bit seamstress working from home. $3,600? It doesn’t even look worth $360.

  • Kangol

    Now, now, if she wanted to look like a clown at the Russian marionette’s/clown’s inauguration, that’s her right. You do you, Kellyanne. Lying pathologically for the Orange Satan is one hell of a job, I’m sure.

    • JackFknTwist

      ha ha ha wonderful !

  • MaxTaste

    She looks like she works at Hot Dog on a Stick.

    • Rustie

      I AGREE – I hate her more than the Orange Baboon!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    HOT DOG ON A STICK! I had to google it. fun.

  • pickles69

    She looks like all of the above. The hard part is what she doesn’t look like: Someone with solid judgment. If this is how she thinks you dress to take over leadership of the greatest country in the world, I’m even more in doubt of her than before

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    She paid $3600 for that? Biatch got robbed.

  • paljim

    It looks very 60s-70s, like the kind of outfits airline stewardesses used to wear back in those days, except that Kellyanne would never have made it past the first interview with her personality.

  • skilos

    She looked like a bad drag, of someone trying to look like Suzanne Somers (Sorry Suzanne).

  • He BGB

    She’s probably raking in a bundle as a professional liar.

  • johnjob

    what’s the feminine for jackass? jillass?

  • Black Pegasus

    She needs to get a new lace front wig or some remy silky weave. That hair looks like she took the ice bucket challenge.

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