10 Things Required Of All Andrew Christian Models

You’ve fallen in love with every Andrew Christian model under the sun, and even though you can’t always understand what they’re trying to do, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re the most perfect and well-maintained crop of dudes you’ve ever seen.

But what exactly makes an Andrew Christian model better than the rest? How does one join the ranks of men whose qualities are so flawless, they can literally pay the bills by crawling on the ground in their underwear?

Lucky for you, we’ve been handed the OFFICIAL rules and regulations that all Andrew Christian models are expected to abide by whenever they’re on the clock. Whether they’re handing out postcards at your local bar or eating a hot dog by the pool, much is expected of these fine gentlemen, and for the first time ever, you can read Andrew Christian’s official Rules & Regulations for models in full.

Here are the 10 most important rules & regulations required of your men:

1. “Remember you are representing a brand.  You are not allowed to appear overly intoxicated or on drugs at any time on this trip.”


Great point, AC. Nothing ruins a hot guy in his underwear more than said hot guy spilling everyone’s drinks, falling down, and acting like a complete asshole. If you absolutely insist on bringing your drugs, do them on the Swiss Navy Lube float.

2. “You must be 15 minutes early to every scheduled event on this itinerary.”


You’re not going to be paid for that extra 15 minutes, but you get to wear (and keep!) a new pair of underwear every 15 minutes for the next four hours. You’ll live. “Fashionably late” doesn’t look good on your Andrew Christian undies.

3. “Remember millions of people will be seeing these videos and photos, so you need to sleep and look your best.”


A MUST. Not only will millions of people be seeing these videos and photos, they’ll be using them as a tool to lust after you for decades to come. You don’t want them to see your sleepy eyes in the new Facebook profile photo you’re going to crop from this video, do you?

4. “You must be in good spirits. This means no emotional melt downs and no physical or verbal outbursts.”


Because nothing is worse than a super hot underwear model having an “emotional melt down” at a bar.

5. “No traveling with steroids or illegal substances.  If you get caught with these, that will be a nightmare and embarrassment for everyone involved.”


You’re traveling in style with free booze, hot boys, and a stripper pole. Call us crazy, but that sounds like a party that doesn’t even need drugs.

6. “You must be nice to the guests at the events.  You are the ambassadors of AC . We will only book models for future club events that are polite well mannered ambassadors of AC.”


A half-naked model promoting a gay-owned brand at a gay bar, BEING RUDE? The thought just terrifies us. Make sure to welcome your guests at the door by ripping off their underwear.

When booked for a public appearance, all models must bring the following items:

7. “Makeup to cover any blemishes (please come tan)”


Ewww! A pale underwear model with blemishes? Good call on this one, AC.

8. “Flip flops, electric razors, hair product”


Basically a traveling necessity for all gay men. You should have these at all times so you can remain looking flawless throughout the event.

9. “Cock ring”


What, you thought that specially designed waistband was moving product? As if.

10. “Baby oil, coconut oil, tanning oil, BEACH TOWELS.”


Do not EVER forget beach towels. You’re going to be wet for the rest of the day.

Now go make some money!