10 Things You Never Knew About Mrs. Kasha Davis

Mrs. Kasha Davis was so easy and fun to talk to in our Dragaholic interview/podcast, and to follow that up, we’re getting to know her a little more in this latest installment of our ’10 Things’ series. Enjoy!

Oh, and don’t forget that Mrs. Kasha Davis’ show, There’s Always Time For a Cocktail, will be playing in NYC at The Laurie Beechman Theatre on May 12th so check it out if you’re in the area!


1. Both Mrs. and Mr. Kasha Davis were previously married to women for multiple years.


Mrs. Kasha Davis red
Courtesy of mrs.kashadavis.com

2. MKD once weighed 245 lbs and now works out and runs half marathons to keep herself fit.


3. MKD is now doing drag full time after working as a Director of Contact Center Operations for 18 years at DialAmerica.


4. MKD once had a brief conversation with Madonna while running in Central Park.


5. MKD has a youtube channel with over 160 videos to check out and Mr. Davis does the filming!


Mrs. Kasha Davis Brunch
Courtesy of Mrs. Kasha Davis on Facebook

6. MKD’s Grandmother Mae Miller was a vaudeville star and performed as a whistler and a mistress of ceremonies. She had her own radio show on the “Italian Hour” and toured performing in nightclubs and party houses in gowns and costume jewelry.


7. Mrs. Kasha Davis wrote the story of her life called ‘There’s Always Time For A Cocktail’. It’s a story of acceptance and forgiveness mixed with some campy tunes!


8. MKD absolutely hates snakes!


Mrs Kasha Davis RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 049. MKD loves the laughter applause and eats up the accolades where Edward Popil tends to get embarrassed by the attention.


10. MKD believes in the power of psychic ability and loves to watch for signs, get card readings and is obsessed with the Long Island Medium!


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