Be My Neighbor 2?

10 Times Zac Efron Made Our Heart Throb


It has been conclusively proven by listicles and compilation videos and by no less an authority than Seth Rogen himself that Zac Efron is one of the sexiest mofos alive. It has even been suggested that the chiseled star of Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (in theaters Friday, May 20) was grown in a lab by a renegade team of gay geneticists.

Obviously all of us are jealous of his cuddly relationship with We Are Your Friends director and certified silver fox Max Joseph. And we would all kill to be the lady who sprays the tan onto those taut muscles every damn day—hell, we’d kill to be the lucky chemicals in that can of spray tan!

But, if you need even further proof of Efron’s heartthrob cred, we’ve compiled the following 10 instances of his utter sexability.

1. His first-ever Details Magazine cover


Remember way back in 2008 when Zac Efron was all fresh-faced and floppy-haired?

2. His bromance with Dave Franco

While his Neighbors co-star is engaged to his boyfriend (played by fab gay comic John Early) in the sequel, Efron and Franco’s real life chemistry has fueled our slash fic fantasies for years!

3. His award-winning shirtlessness
When Efron was nominated for the MTV Movie Award for “Best Shirtless Performance” for his role in 2012’s That Awkward Moment, he vowed to accept the award bare chested—and he made good on that promise!

4. He loves us just as much as we love him


It may have taken until 2012 for him to do his first-ever gay media interview, but as Efron told The Advocate while promoting The Paperboy, he’s always appreciated his gay fans.

5. Gay directors know exactly how to cast him


That time out director Lee Daniels cast Efron in The Paperboy, and filmed this scene of him dancing with Nichole Kidman in his undies.

6. Sweet Jesus


7. Zac and that erectile dysfunction story

Then there was this charming story Efron told about “a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend” taking Viagra—but probably it was actually really about him.

8. He’s a skilled woodworker

He could build you a skateboard for your birthday. And he’d do it shirtless, obviously.

9. Whoa

We honestly have no idea what the actual context for this scene is, but American culture will be forever indebted to Dirty Grandpa for giving us Zac Efron doing the…”Macarena” in some sort of bee thong.

10. Those muscles

And now Neighbors 2 is upping the ante by having Efron go full-on Magic Mike on the rowdy sisters of Kappa Kappa Whatever.

Neighbors 2 in theaters, Friday, May 20