10 Tough Gals* Perfect For The Butch Clothing Company

Shaz Riley, a butch Brit, recently launched The Butch Clothing Company, a custom-tailored label for butch dykes like herself. Apart from the tailoring, Riley says nothing differentiates her clothes from men’s formal clothes. “Us butch women — yes I accept I maybe generalizing — want to look as good in our butch suits as men do in theirs,” Shaz tells Queerty. “The detailing even the basic shape… our range of fabrics and colors is as good as any men’s… but perfectly tailored for any discerning butch women. Most importantly our suits are not feminised in any way.” Rad, thanks for clearing that up. Of course, between Madonna and Marlene Dietrich there’s a long list of iconic women sporting butch couture. So we asked Riley which ten lesbian ladies she’d like to see sporting her fashions. Here are her ideal endorsements.