The 100 largest churches in America are all antigay and almost all run by white dudes

A Christian watchdog group has made startling discovery about Evangelical churches in America that is sure to leave you #shocked.

The groundbreaking findings come from a project called Church Clarity, which conducted a detailed analysis of America’s 100 largest megachurches. Researchers observed that when it comes to any sort of diversity, these churches are completely lacking.

Go figure.

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First, none of America’s largest mega-churchs have policies that affirm LGBTQ people and relationships:

According to CC’s analysis, a paltry 35% of these mega-churches have clear LGBTQ+ policies, and 54% actually hide their positions (e.g. sermons and blogposts) deep inside their websites. This seems to indicate that many non-affirming mega-churches are not as boldly opposed as one might assume, and some of these large congregations may be currently reconsidering their positions and policies.

Or perhaps they keep their homophobic views deliberately hidden because, deep down, they know they’re wrong?

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The report also finds that the 93% of megachurches are led by caucasian male pastors. Only one is lead by a female pastor, and even she must share the title of “co-pastor” with her husband:

Despite the Christian calls to diversity, equality, and justice, America’s mega-churches are still lagging in the race department. These churches may preach a Gospel of inclusion, but they disproportionately prefer white men for their top leadership positions.

Does any of this surprise you? Us neither. But it does sorta help explain why over 80% of white Evangelicals voted for both Donald Trump and Roy Moore.

As the old saying goes: Birds of a feather stick together.

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