Ball Memorial Hospital Will Work Harder Not to Call Trans Patients ‘It’

Mike Haley, the president of Ball Memorial Hospital — where trans patient Erin Vaught, coughing up blood, was met with hospital staff who called her “it” and “he-she”says in a statement his team will work with Indiana Equality and Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance to not be assholes anymore. But how come nobody is giving Ball Memorial credit for not kicking wife Amanda out of the ER?

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  • L.

    Call me a cynic, but I wonder how much “work” they’re going to be doing once this leaves the spotlight.

  • PopSnap

    I’ve never actually met a transexual before, but i would love to. Even if just to prove that gay people aren’t all transphobic- because, sadly, many of the LGB people I’ve met are just as bad as straight people.

  • Tina

    They deserve to be disciplined or demoted at the hospital for refusing treatment and using derogatory names/pronouns, and you want to COMPLIMENT THEM? Piss off, Queerty

  • FoolMe1

    Wow Queerty – “Yeah the hospital was a little bad for refusing to treat a patient, and sure they used her as a living punchline for their jokes. But – Hey they weren’t HOMOPHOBIC! Three cheers!!!”


  • missanthrope

    Yeah queerty, they only refused treatment to a woman who was coughing up blood and could have had a deadly blood clot.

    Why not give them a fucking HRC award for not kicking out the partner, I’m sure that the they would jump at the chance.

  • jeffree

    Diversity training? That’s a start: but a good next step would be getting a few medical folk’s licenses suspended ! I hope the couple in question took down names & that some LGBT organization will provide legal help.

    @ Missanthrope #5: Well said, as always. I know that part of the Midwest better than I care to admit, and the story disggusts me but it doesn’t surprise me. I’ve heard similar stories from HIV+ men I know.

  • Jadis

    @PopSnap: Well I’d be happy to meet you if you’re ever in southern Ontario! I don’t bite :)

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