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10th Grader Chinea Larkin’s Own Bus Driver Is The One Bullying Her

As we’ve learned from Houston high school freshman Jayron Martin — who suffered a pipe gay bashing assault at the hands of classmates, after his principals and school bus driver allegedly refused to offer protection — sometimes your bus driver won’t be your ally against harassment. But then comes Lansing 10th grader Chinea Larkin, who says it was her bus driver doing the harassing.


“When I got off the bus, I stood up and was about to get off the bus, she [the bus driver] was like, now you can get your gay self off my bus,” says Larkin. “Well, she said get your gay tail off my bus.”

After immediately telling her parents, Larkin and her family filed a complain with the school district. And it looks like they’ve got plenty of ammo: Not only do witnesses back up Larkin’s story, but there’s footage. “Charles Williams taped the scene with his phone and the family fears, without it, there’d be a lot of doubt,” reports WLNS. “There were at least 20 students onboard at the time, students district officials may interview. Chinea hopes they do more than just ask questions.”

The driver has been put on leave. Says Larkin: “Yeah, I feel discriminated against, and I hope she doesn’t have her job.”