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11 Photos of Elena Kagan Not Playing Softball That Still Send Secret ‘Lesbian’ Message

On Tuesday the Wall Street Journal published on its front page a photo of Elena Kagan playing softball. The Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper eschewed claims the photo was a not-so-subtle way of conveying the Supreme Court nominee is a lesbian; others, obviously, disagreed, given News Corp.’s history of conspicuous gay baiting. But what other photos could Journal editors have even selected that wouldn’t send the message that she’s a gay?

Bulky purse: Dyke.

Chunky jewelry: Dyke.

Legs uncrossed: Dyke.

Staring to the left: Dyke.

Standing in front of phallic columns: Dyke.

Looking cartoonish: Dyke.

Arms crossed: Dyke.

Ordering Chinese food: Dyke.

Going to high school: Dyke.

Wearing horizontal stripes in public: Dyke.

Fastening seatbelt: Dyke.