Ho ho whoa

11 times Santa Claus was a total silver fox

Who says you can’t find Santa sexy? We’re totally into the silvery St. Nicks below, all of whom threaten to put Just for Men out of business.

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1. When he was Fashion Santa

2. When he got out of that red suit already

3. When he was this greying gent

4. When he got a Rise (of the Guardians) out of us

5. When he got a fashion upgrade


6. When he took us to the gun show


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7. When he drank beer sans shirt

8. When he delivered presents sans shirt

9. When his piercing blue eyes had us believing in Santa all over again

La barba separa a los hombres de los niños. Les diría dónde me hago la mía, pero hay secretos que un caballero no debe confesar.

Posted by Mr. Claus on Monday, December 7, 2015

10. When he was played by Kurt Russell

11. When he was actually the guy next to Santa

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