Super Queeroes

11 Uncanny Gay And Bisexual X-Men

As people who are hated by society because they are born different, the X-Men have long been admired as one of geekdom’s most powerful LGBT allegories.

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However, several out and proud queer characters have joined the ranks of Marvel’s merry mutants throughout the years.

With X-Men: Age of Apocalypse now out, we figured this was the perfect time to look at some of our favorite gay and bi guys who have roamed the halls at Xavier’s School for the Gifted.

1. Northstar
Jean-Paul Beaubier may have the power to produce concussive blasts and light bursts as well as move at superhuman speeds, but it’s his ability to break down social barriers that has been the most impressive. The character was the first gay superhero to come out in a mainstream comic book (1992’s Alpha Flight #106) and he made history again 20 years later when he tied the knot with his husband, Kyle, in first same-sex wedding to take place in the Marvel Universe.  (Astonishing X-Men #51).

2. Iceman

After being confronted by his time-displaced younger self, founding X-Men member Bobby Drake finally admitted (in Uncanny X-Men #600) what many readers had suspected for years – he is gay. Oh, and he thinks his teammate, Angel, is hot too.

3. Anole
During his time at Xavier’s School for the Gifted, Victor Borkowski learned to hone his chameleon-like abilities, which included blending with his surroundings, and developed a close platonic relationship with his mentor/teacher, Northstar.

4. Shatterstar
Because he’s a genetically programmed machine-like gladiator from the distant future, Shatterstar has often struggled to understand human emotions, but he eventually embraced his bisexuality and developed a romantic relationship with fellow mutant Rictor.

5. Rictor
Julio Esteban is a mutant with the ability to produce powerful seismic waves. However, he and his X-Factor teammate Shatterstar made waves of a different kind when the two shared a kiss in X-Factor #45 in 2009. The couple’s same-sex smooch was the first guy-on-guy lip lock in a mainstream comic book.

6. Colossus
In the Marvel Comics “Ultimate” universe, the metallic-skinned Russian mutant was an even bigger badass than his counterpart in mainstream continuity – and he just happened to be gay as well.

7. James Howlett
One of many alternate universe versions of Wolverine, this iteration of the fan-favorite mutant had a steamy romance with the god Hercules and traveled throughout dimensions hunting down evil versions of Professor Xavier.

8. Beast
A key character in the Marvel series Exiles, this parallel-Earth version of the original X-Men was also the lover of The Avengers’ powerhouse Wonder Man.

9. Bloke
Unfortunately, Mickey Tork’s superhuman strength wasn’t enough to keep him among the living. His tour of duty as a member of X-Force was cut short when he was killed in action on his first mission.

10. Morph
Benjamin Deeds was recruited by Emma Frost and Magik to join the X-Men after he exhibited his powers during a pro-mutant rally on his college campus. Since then, he’s learned to control his mutant abilities which allow him to take on the appearance and voice of anyone he wishes.

11. Daken
In addition to possessing powers similar to those of his father, Wolverine, Daken has the mutant ability to project pheromones that make him irresistible to both men and women.