11th Grader Rito Osorio Was Gay Bashed In The School Bathroom (For Spreading Gay Rumors?)

Won’t anybody from the Family Research Council stand up and say Rito Osorio, a sophomore at Silver Creek High School in southern Indiana, brought it upon himself when he got gay bashed by a classmate? C’mon, Bigot Inc., where are you on this one?

Rito’s alleged attacker, who isn’t named in this WAVE 3 news report, is a 16-year-old fellow student at the Sellersburg, has been arrested and is being held in a juvenile facility. Meanwhile Rito, who is openly gay, has been left with a broken nose, fractures in his facial bones, and a brutal piercing injury after being lured into the bathroom — where a crowd of spectators was waiting.

When Silver Creek sophomore Rito Osorio was eating lunch on Thursday, he says a 16-year-old classmate came up, tapped him on the shoulder, and told him that they needed to talk. He says he asked him to follow him to the bathroom. “I followed him in there and when I got in there it was pretty much packed,” said Osorio. “It was full of eyes just watching.” Osorio says then the boy started punching him and calling him names, leaving him with several face fractures and a broken nose.

“He had a piercing under his lip, and that had been pushed up into the maxilla bone and chipped it, so it is stuck up there and is going to have to be surgically removed,” said the victim’s mother Andrea Osorio. His mother says she can’t believe this happened. “I really believe that he was targeted.” His clothes are now the evidence of a violent beating. Osorio is openly gay, and he believes that’s why he was singled out by his attacker. “We just need to be more tolerate as people,” said Osorio.

So what could the attacker’s M.O. have been? Osorio reveals “people have been telling him that I’ve been talking about him saying that he was gay or something, but I haven’t been saying that.” The cops say otherwise. Sellersburg Police Chief Russ Whelan: “[The attacker] was upset with the rumors that were going around the school about him that were coming from this other boy and he decided to take matters into his own hands. … The decision you make to go in the bathroom and beat on someone as this boy did could ultimately affect him for the rest of his life.”

Should gay kids go around school calling other people gay? No, and it’s unclear whether Rito ever did that. Either way, we’re all going to be in agreement that even if Rito was spreading rumors, beating up another kid at school is never appropriate, regardless of the reasons behind it. Keep your head up, Rito, and good on you for sharing your story. You’re a brave young man.

Now let’s see how school administrators handle this one. Is that a carpet that needs sweeping under? Let’s find out.

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  • McMike

    Welcome to America, where gay bashing is a spectator sport.

  • Francis

    Southwestern Indiana. Enough said. My thoughts go out to Rito. Most likely other students lied about Rito spreading rumors to create this sort of reaction from the savage attacker, a collection of homophobes singling out the one gay kid, as they always do.

  • Lvng1tor

    In 1989, my senior year of high school, a disturbed young man mouthed off about me to a group of friends. He lied and said that I had called him the “N” word to his face. He said he had pushed and intimidated me and acted like a big man. He forgot all abt it. This guy was mad at my brother who was a body builder and much more intimidating than my skinny butt. He had misplaced anger and took it out on me. With in a week the rumor had spread like wild fire and I was the targeted and beaten severely by his friends for being a racist. If you asked 50% of the people in my school they would have said they heard I had said it cause thats how high school works. Didn’t matter that I hadnt

  • Steve

    It is now official: no one at Queerty made it through high school. If they did, they would know that 11th graders are not Sophomores.

  • royinkc

    I was accused of spreading a gay rumor about a guy a class ahead of me. It turned out the guy spreading the rumor was also gay and was trying to deflect attention. I was almost beat up till I called the guy out in the hallway that was packed with other students and offered to kick his ass.
    After high school he told me he liked me and was sorry for putting that rumor out and he was trying to see how I reacted so he would know that I was gay or not. Being from a small Texas city will cause people to do all kinds of stupid shit

  • HAL

    Dammit. That’s just a county over from where I am.

    Absolutely unacceptable.

  • EdWoody

    @Steve: And that M.O. stands for modus operandi, which describes the method by which a person does something, not the motivation for doing it.

  • Malia

    this is my best friend and that day i went to the office because one of the kids who was in the bathroom started running his mouth about rito and like i said he is my best friend i flipped out and threatened to beat the living hell out of him. then i was sent to the office for standing up for my best friend. silver creek high school is one of the dumbest schools ever. i left that school and am now homeschooled rito is better then ever and i can tell you it only brought all of his family and mine together. i love rito i would hurt anyone over him.

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