12 Men Accused Of Being Gay Face Torture, Death By Libyan Militia

Gay Star News is reporting that twelve men were captured at a gay party in Tripoli by members of a Libyan militia group and now face execution.

It’s believe the men were abducted from the suburb on Ain Zara on Thursday night. On Sunday afternoon, the group responsible posted alleged photos of the victims on its Facebook page, which has garnered nearly 3,000 likes. A message on the page says the victims were guilty of committing the “practices of the people of Lot” (i.e. sodomy) and were to be mutilated and executed.”

Other images in the same album depict weapons, drugs, alcohol and wads of cash. (Outraged Facebook users have reported the profile, so its unclear if it will remain active.)

According to GSN, the militia’s profile identifies it as a “special deterrence unit” that is part of the official Libyan Ministry of Interior. One Libyan activist tells GSN that the situation for gay people in Libya has gotten better overall. “People can meet each other more easily than under the Qadaffi regime, although, of course we still have to be very discreet and careful,” says Kahleed. “Many of us fear that some of the militias, which are extreme Islamists who are very well armed and financed, will focus on the LGBT community and hunt us down.”