Countdown to Marriage Equality

12 States Have Marriage, Can We Get to 13? All 50?

Good job, Minnesota! Thanks to your plucky legislators, we now have twelve states with the freedom to marry. Or thirteen, if you count the freaky Delaware bog that is our nation’s capital.

Take a note, Illinois. You have less than two weeks left to pass your marriage equality bill. Don’t let us down. It’s high time the Land of Lincoln became the Land of Lesbians. (Sorry, Oakland. You’ve had your turn.)

And then after Illinois, then what? Well, the fight for marriage equality could slow down a bit soon. Don’t get us wrong: it’s definitely time to celebrate. You’ll be attending more gay weddings this summer than you can count. But the vast majority of the country is still suffering in states without the freedom to marry, and it could stay that way for years to come.

Nevada, for example, has a constitutional amendment barring marriage. And although a marriage equality bill passes a legislative committee last week, it still has at least three more years of procedure (at least!) before it could go into effect. That’s a long time.

But there may be a shortcut to victory: the Prop 8 case. If the Supreme Court rules that Prop 8 is unconstitutional in a few weeks, it might also overturn marriage bans from coast to coast. Or it might apply to just California. Or it might apply to certain states and not others. Only time will tell. The ruling will come no later than the end of June, so it’s shaping up to be a very tense Pride season indeed.