12-Year-Old Transgender Boy Granted Historic New Birth Certificate

Underscoring a significant shift in Canadian law, a 12-year-old transgender boy in Alberta has been granted a new birth certificate officiating his status as male.

The certificate was publicly presented to Wren Kauffman as part of an Edmonton pride brunch hosted by the city’s mayor — the result of a complaint Wren filed with the Alberta Human Rights Commission based on the inability to amend his listed sex.

Before today, Alberta only allowed a person’s sex to be switched legally if gender reassignment had been performed, an outdated practice that was also shot down by a local judge who ruled that doing so violates the rights of transgender people.

Similar human rights complaints have also been filed in four other provinces: Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, signifying a possible sweep in transgender rights victories across Canada.

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H/t: Global News

Updated to clarify the pride brunch was in Edmonton.