13 Inches of Pure Fun

The Christmas season is hard upon us. Unlike years past, when deciding what to give a tranny friend was a hell of wigs and thongs, this year the decision has practically been made for you, thanks to Out 100 hero Jason Wu, a creative force behind the RuPaul doll. Advertised as being 99% plastic, 1% woman, the RuPaul doll is actually 100% fabulous, and may in fact be freely given to anybody on your list, from the card-carrying cross-dresser to little children who will benefit from learning about tolerance.


Wu explains that “The dolls were sculpted to RuPaul’s exact facial and bodily measurements. Photos were taken of Ru’s face from every angle, then downsized and realized into a waxsculpture.” Six different models are available, each marking a different stage in Ru’s career: Supermodel, Red Hot, Glamazon, Workout, Glamazon (The RuMix), and Foxy Lady.

Because the live RuPaul towers over other supermodels at 6’4”, a veritable hunk of manwoman, the RuPaul doll was made 13”, to keep Barbie and her rabble in their places. Each model of the RuPaul doll comes with a couture wardrobe, which the manufacturer guarantees will make all the other dolls envious. So get in the holiday tranny spirit, buy a RuPaul doll, and sing the Ru classic Ho Ho Ho.