13 Things We Learned From The Bi Dude With Two Penises’ Reddit AMA


So there’s a bisexual dude with two penises and the internet is justifiably freaking out — he has something called Diphallia, which occurs in 1 in 5.5 million men in the U.S. He’s bi, in a committed relationship, but should James Franco come  a-callin’ all bets are off. [Side note: who’s ready to start placing bets?] Under the wholly apropos username “DoubleDickDude,” the viral penal sensation answered the Reddit community/megaverse’s most burning questions. Surprisingly, none of them were about gonorrhea. Here are 13 things we learned from DoubleDickDude’s Reddit AMA:

1. Both work just fine…:



…most of the time:





2. Jon Hamm’s got NOTHING on this dude:



3. He’s not going to do porn anytime soon:



4. High school was no picnic:


5. But now he’s kind of the man:


6. He’s an equal opportunity flirt:


7. Guys are sluts:


8. But sorry, ladies and fellas, he’s taken…:



…and they’ve got their work cut out for them:



9. His dicks have magical gaying powers:

ddd-ra-1710. Yes, people gag (in more ways than one):



11. But he’s perfectly happy just the way he is:



12. We learned about James Franco’s next art project:

ddd-ra-1813. At least one queen wasn’t asleep at the wheel:






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  • AuntieChrist

    Ewwwww!!! T.M.I.

  • Kangol

    Beyond amazing!

  • Spike

    Wow, someone from Queerty actually reddits??? There is hope.

  • AuntieChrist

    @Spike: What..? No comment about Tom Daley.? But your schtick is so fresh, so amusing…You could say something like Tom Daley would be twice as hot with two dicks.

  • DistingueTraces

    “When diphallia is present, it is usually accompanied by renal, vertebral, hindgut, anorectal or other congenital anomalies. There is also a higher risk of spina bifida.”

    Did he talk about this at all? I have to say those pics look like they could pretty easily have been faked.

  • crowebobby

    Re question 13: I’m surprised no one replied “I’ll take.”

  • Spike

    @AuntieChrist: Don’t be silly, how would Tom Daley ever hide two dicks in that tiny speedo? Though I wonder if there could be a r/tomdaley sub that Queety has been hiding from us. I’ll have to check.

  • ZaneStuart

    @DistingueTraces: If you read the entire AMA (it’s a long one – no pun intended) you’d come to the conclusion that it’s not fake. Also, WTF? Your last comment makes you sound jealous, or worse, JimBryant.

    @Spike: They can’t all be infatuated with Tom Daley. That would be boring.

  • krystalkleer

    might be better than a double mint twin…but that ain’t the purdiest meat on the market!

  • Scribe38

    I read the whole thing yesterday from a link on twitter. I really love the guy’s attitude and his self love of himself. I also really liked him talking about empty sex and being partially monogamous

  • RomanHans

    Already top on my list of Biggest Disappointments of 2014? THE DICK ON THE RIGHT.

  • TVC 15

    I’m sorry, but I’ll pass. I saw the pics. However, it’s nice that he’s actually quite well-adjusted.

  • DistingueTraces



  • Pamela101

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  • jimbryant

    This man appears to be living a very fetishistic life-style. I don’t approve.

    When fetish overtakes your life, you are no longer living your life by sexuality but by fetish.

  • Tyler100

    Jim, when trolling takes over your life you’re no longer living your life by hatred but by trolling.

    I’m sure this guy has seen more action (meaning sex with 1+ people in his entire life) than Jim the lying virgin could ever dream of or hope for.

  • ZaneStuart

    @jimbryant: Your lack of approval is insignificant.

  • Tyler100


    Zane, if Jim disapproves it must be great.

  • ZaneStuart

    @DistingueTraces: Nobody asked during the AMA about any of those anomalies. One urologist asked about specific urology issues but that’s about as far as the medical questions went. Most people asked interesting but generally silly questions.

    Disregarding the photos as “easily faked” was something the resident curmudgeon here at queerty would post.
    I must admit that my response was a bit of a snarky jibe. ;-)

  • TopherLV96

    @jimbryant I would normally agree with your statement. But I think we’ve stumbled upon a loophole in that rule. And that loophole has 2 dicks! By our very design, he’s a game-changer… with no one to play with. I’m sure he’s had to make up his own sex rituals along the way. Doesn’t mean it’s healthy, but who’s to say. Can you really imagine the guy with 2 penises settling down with the “girl next door” in suburbia with the white picked fence? I can’t. Just sayin’.

  • jimbryant

    I’m sorry but I don’t agree with this man’s apparent polyamorous relationship. To me, it’s a fetish. I don’t agree with fetishes being substituted for sexuality.

  • NateOcean

    The photos are interesting, especially as he has some decent foreskin. However, he says he cums at the same time. Would have been cool if you could shoot with the first, and while it was recovering, you could work on the second. Then tag-team the pair back and forth.

    As for double-penetration….my mind wanders.

  • pauleky

    I’m really glad this guy is happy and I do think this story is newsworthy. It’s fascinating and a learning opportunity. However, I guess I need my license revoked because, in no way, do I find this hot. Glad if someone else does, but it seems an awful lot of guys do and I can’t fathom why. Of course, if I meet the man of my dreams and he happens to have Diphallia I’d probably learn to live with it or even eventually find it hot. Oh well – to each their own.

  • Mr.Tim

    @AuntieChrist: TMI? Seriously? STFU! I love hearing how “abnormal people” can lead relatively normal lives AND sound sexy at the same time. Why did you bother reading the article?

  • Mr.Tim

    @jimbryant: NOBODY asked you for you fucking approval! or you acceptance, so go back to your little hovel you climbed from and stick you head into the sand until the ewww factor had passed for you. IDIOT!

  • Mr.Tim

    @DistingueTraces: And you received your Medical Doctorate at what prestigious correspondence school?

  • Mr.Tim

    This brave gentleman is living with a rather exceptional case of Diphallia, in which both peni are functional. He steps forth NOT to be a circus freak but to speak about his condition and living in a long term polyamorous relationship with a man and a woman. He’s not seeking anyones approval but extends his experience as a learning tool and talking point. I applaud him his courage and trust in exposing his secret to us. BRAVO. PS I am a little jealous I was not one of his chosen life partners, because he ROCKS!

  • jimbryant

    I’m sorry but I think it’s icky for this double-penis possessor to be advertising his sexual activity. It reeks of narcissism and attention-seeking. It reminds me somewhat of that Buck whatsisname – you know, the one with the mangina.

    I don’t approve of people sneaking their sleaze in with a novelty. OK, it’s a novelty to have two penises but let’s just leave it at that. I don’t want to hear about your sexual fetishes, thanks.

  • AuntieChrist

    @Mr.Tim: You are welcome to your opinion as am I. Your attack was unnecessary and unsolicited. I thought that there was to much written about the intimate details of this mans diphallia and his sex life as well. I don’t want to know who YOU are fucking when where and how why should I be interested in him or anyone else on this blog. FOR ME it was too much information and I found it to be quite overwhelming. So piss off you bloody wanker. Please, and thank you…Why I should feel compelled to explain myself to some anonymous prig I’ll never know.

  • DistingueTraces

    @Mr.Tim: lol, I take it all back — the dream of two penises is real!

  • Sandra M. Mitchell

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