13 Unintentionally Hilarious Gay Book Covers

We’re always on the hunt for a great read. Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of bad books in the world, especially bad gay books.

They say you’re never supposed to judge a book by its cover. But sometimes it’s a challenge — especially when they’re this terrible.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite, unintentionally hilarious, bad gay books and their covers.

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  • enfilmigult

    Oooohhh. Rusty WINTER. That’s not what it looked like at first glance, ha ha.

    I actually like the “Fourth Sex” cover. Tie for most baffling one is musical Nietzsche (?!) and Santa Claus. I’d be all over that Santa Claus book for making a pun on a bad movie title, except…what is that woman doing?

  • Caliban


    I haven’t read Santa vs The Homophobes but it’s a sequel to Santa Steps Out, a funny & filthy take on the Santa myth. In it, Santa and other iconic holiday characters are the current incarnations of old pagan gods. The woman on the cover is the Tooth Fairy, who eats teeth (and other bones) and craps coins to leave under children’s pillows. :)

    Hey, you asked!

  • mgmchicago


    Agree, actually kinda like The Fourth Sex.
    It’s a classic example of mid-century modern Swiss design.
    Perhaps not perfectly executed, but it does show that the designer was thinking conceptually.

  • mingyao

    They included Nietzsche’s “Gay Science” but left out his “Ecce Homo” (“behold the man”).

  • enfilmigult

    @Caliban: Hey, thanks, ha ha. Sounds pretty awesome…in print, but that’s getting a new cover if I end up reading it on the subway.

    @mgmchicago: Unfortunately the most learned observation I’ve got is that it looks a lot like the poster for ‘7 Doors of Death,’ a (cough) popular Italian horror movie from 1981. I guess we know what the designer of that had been reading lately.

  • newecreator


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