13 Ways To Enjoy Your One Direction Dolls

It’s been some time since we masterminded the Barbie Dream House’s first gay sex tape, undressing two Ken dolls and smashing them together in some kind of erotic, anatomically incorrect fantasy version of what we thought gay sex might look like.

But we’re adults now, and we don’t need to play games like that. That’s why we’ve graduated from simulating sex with Ken dolls to simulating sex with One Direction dolls.

Apparently other desperate Directioners have caught on to the trend, and some are even posting their wild One Direction sexploits on the web! Below, the 13 best ways to enjoy your One Direction dolls:


Cheeseburger foreplay!


Domination. (The Varsity jacket and work boots are essential.)


Clothed orgy. Don’t try this at home, it looks dangerous!


The cobra.


Share your love of Zayn.


Create a steamy makeout sesh!


Dress Liam up like the leather pig you know he is.


Kidnap them!


Make them strip!


USE Zayn.


Share your sneaker fetish.


Just go crazy!!

This playdate was fun. Same time next week?

[h/t NewNowNext]

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  • Mr. E. Jones

    This was actually funny.


    @Mr. E. Jones: I agree. I enjoyed this. A LOT. WAY too much… ;)

  • DarthKitsune

    I now want One Direction Dolls. I might need to break out the G.I. Joe’s and make them celebrate the end of DADT. . .

  • OutnProud

    Hilarious! I used to do this with the action figures that came with the Power Rangers White Tiger Zord and Dragonzord

  • J with da tea

    I’d be willing to bet a few of these actually happened…LOL

  • tookietookie

    I don’t get the obsession with them. They seem too young for all this sexual energy thrown their way. Just let them be kids and why don’t you trolls get your own lives?

  • J with da tea

    @tookietookie: Was I trolling? I really wasn’t trying to! Ha and I’m 19 so all my sexual energy is rightly justified lol

  • FStratford


    I wont go as far as call people trolls but I agree this is a bit disrespectful. They are kids and they are famous and they are the fantasy of a lot of young gays but it kinda feels like its too much.

  • HernanMinogue

    I’d fuck Zayn and I would let Harry & Liam fuck my hole, period! ;)

  • scoobydube

    Those girls/young ladies, that made the video, have WAY TOO MUCH time on their hands. ROTFLMFAO … Though I WOULD grade it A+ for their effort !!!

  • susansylvester

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