Man Gets 6 Years For Slashing Son’s Boyfriend’s Throat

It sounds like a Western version of an (attempted) honor killing. Alan James Culley slashed the throat of Richard Conaghan — the boyfriend of his son Alan David Culley — in a drunken rage, after stabbing his face when the two began arguing at the couple’s home. Alan Sr. was just sentenced to six years for the crime, and his devastated son is just fine with the ruling. “He lunged at Richard, slit his face down one side then lunged again and slit his throat,” Alan Jr. recalls. “I stuck my hand out to try and stop him and he stabbed my hand; but if I hadn’t done that, Richard wouldn’t be alive. The doctors said it was a matter of millimetres away from his jugular and if the knife had gone through that, he would have been a goner.”