Man Gets 6 Years For Slashing Son’s Boyfriend’s Throat

It sounds like a Western version of an (attempted) honor killing. Alan James Culley slashed the throat of Richard Conaghan — the boyfriend of his son Alan David Culley — in a drunken rage, after stabbing his face when the two began arguing at the couple’s home. Alan Sr. was just sentenced to six years for the crime, and his devastated son is just fine with the ruling. “He lunged at Richard, slit his face down one side then lunged again and slit his throat,” Alan Jr. recalls. “I stuck my hand out to try and stop him and he stabbed my hand; but if I hadn’t done that, Richard wouldn’t be alive. The doctors said it was a matter of millimetres away from his jugular and if the knife had gone through that, he would have been a goner.”

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  • Tim

    Is this the family values I keep hearing about?

  • Scott Bonzitski

    I was in a relationship once, with a mormon, and then his parents found out and it was “all my fault”. They claimed that I “lured” him into the gay scene and despised me. Now, 20 years later, I am not in the scene, the father has passed away, and the mother thinks it’s OK for him to “be the way he is”. Some people are just ignorant and I wonder why they go after the “boyfriend” instead of the son/daughter. I’m not saying it is right to do so, I just question the direction of the anger…SB

  • Chris

    @Scott Bonzitski: You’re definitely right about that. I assume, though, that parents don’t want to believe that their son/daughter made (what they may presume to be) the mistake in choosing who they date. Just my two cents…

  • B

    No. 3 · Chris wrote, “@Scott Bonzitski: You’re definitely right about that. I assume, though, that parents don’t want to believe that their son/daughter made (what they may presume to be) the mistake in choosing who they date. Just my two cents…”

    Very likely true, and not just about who you date – my parents said I had been “brainwashed” in college because I was way too liberal for them. Guess you weren’t supposed to commit the high crime of thinking and reaching your own conclusions.

  • DJ

    I hope this man rots in jail for the rest of his life and then burns in hell after.

  • Scott Bonzitski

    Yes, I think that when a parent finds out about one of their children being gay, they want to blame anyone BUT themselves. [By the way…it is NOT the parents “fault”.] There once was a time (and maybe still so) that the parents thought that it was “something” THEY did in the course of the childs upbringing that “made” them gay. All I know is that I am gay due to being BORN this way and NOTHING anyone can say or do can make me feel otherwise. Unless you have been there, don’t feel as if you can say “no,you had a choice”. When did str8 people get their questionaire? I do not remember choosing, I just AM…SB

  • jack

    While living at home with my dad, I often felt he wanted me dead or was on the verge of a violent rage. This news article is disturbing to read yet very real. My heart goes out to that couple; I second the sentiment that this dangerously violent person get more than just 6 years.

  • ewe

    Drugs and/or alcohol are always lurking in the background. Usually right beside the right wing morality.

  • Francis

    Things like this could go either way. Did he do it because he thinks the BF “corrupted” his son? Or did he do it because of his own guilt that his son is gay? In any case, he’s a monster and he’s in prison and luckily the BF lived.

  • Paul A.

    Prisons don’t make a safe world for queer people.

  • Cam

    The evangellicals are getting stricter and more radical. They have begun to resumble the Saudi Clerics in the recent attempts to legallize murdering abortion docs…why should we be surprised that something resembling honor killings is showing up?

  • tallskin2


  • Oprah

    How dumb. Honor killing is when someone kills their own blood and flesh–NOT The ‘infidel boyfriend’ which is typically in arab honor kilings. The whole point of it is to restore the family honor. duh? Had the father slashed the throat of his own flesh and blood,his son, that would have been called an ‘Honor slashing’.lol

    Its easy for parents to blame others for their childrens homosexuality. Remember children are an extension of the parent.No parent will allow their own flesh and blood personify what they hate or find immoral or wrong. It is too easy to say–other influenced my good son. Its a natural reflex.

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