14 “Whispers” Reveal What It’s Like For Many Trans People Struggling At Work And School

School and work don’t make too many people’s lists of favorite places to be, yet they’re where we spend a huge chunk of our lives. If you’re lucky, you enjoy them. If you don’t, it’s at least a consolation if you feel comfortable being there.

But while many people take that thought for granted, the workplace and the campus can be two of the most unforgiving places for LGBT people.

We were especially interested in hearing from people about what it’s like to be transgender while also trying to maintain some sense of normalcy in school and at work. Transgender issues can be especially hard to overcome in these settings — incorrect assumptions, deep-rooted prejudices and lack of exposure are huge hurdles to jump.

The team at Whisper got back to us with these compelling stories.

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I was outed as trans by my supervisor to my coworkers. When I brought it up, my hours for next week were cut. What the fuck?

I came out as transgender in highschool and got bullied until I tried to kill myself. I am back in the closet in college and I'm scared to come out again.

I'm a teacher who is mtf trans. A student at my school came

I'm Transgender and have been on Hormone Replacement for 3 months. At work if a customer calls me the correct pronouns I give them a discount

I'm transgender, and school starts in 3 days. I haven't told my dad I want to present as female this year. If I have to present as male I don't think I'll live until the end of the semester.

Working two jobs below minimum for cash in hand.. Illegal, tiring, but being trans makes it hard to get any kind of work :/

I'm ftm transgender and identify as male, can my private school force me to wear a dress? I'd rather shoot myself in the head.

I found the dress I wore to my eighth grade school dance, and I almost puked. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about all those miserable years I wasted, pretending to be a girl, terrified of the truth: I'm trans.

A few of my coworkers are happy because most of us are lesbians/bi. I hate that I can't tell them that I'm actually transgender because it could cause a lot of problems.

Sometimes, I see couples in school and find myself wishing I wasn't gay and trans so I could be loved too.

My supervisor outed me as transgender to all my coworkers. I've never felt so ashamed or sick to my stomach.

Before school, I bind my chest so people don't know I'm a girl. I'm transgender, and my professors still use my legal name.. What's the point of being in pain if they're not going to use my preferred name?

I feel hurt :( My school is telling me I can not dress like a man or have facial hair. The director and an instructor just bashed another transgender person. I am starting T soon to become a man

My boyfriend is being verbally and physically assaulted at school on a daily basis for being transgender and won't reach out fot help and I don't know what to do. I feel helpless.