14-Year-Old McTrans-Basher Pleads Guilty, Gets Juvie (No Fries)

You might be interested to know that the 14-year-old, trans-bashing accomplice of 19-year-old Teonna Monae Brown plead guilty and will head to juvie for her participation in the April attack on 22-year-old Chrissy Lee Polis. Brown got five years in the clink; no word on how many years the 14-year-old will serve. Sorry girls, they don’t serve McGriddles in prison.

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  • Mike in Asheville

    Do you guys even bother to read your own posts?

    Last week, under the same name Daniel Villarreal, you posted the same story with the emphasis on the adult; but the links to the newspaper articles — same article printed by two papers. And in both cases, the references are made to the adult getting 10 years with 5 years suspended and no word on the sentence of the juvenile.


    By the way, in both Queerty posts, you write: “…plead guilty…” Its either: “pled guilty” or “pleaded guilty”

  • Niki

    14 years old? Kids these days!

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  • Jakey

    @Mike in Asheville: You’re right, except that both articles do say the 14-year-old was committed to a juvenile facility. And, y’know, if you missed that it’s certainly possible Mr. Villareal did, then went through a week’s worth of making other Queerty posts, then saw the same article again elsewhere and thought it was an updated version (or even a different article) because he noticed it this time. It happens. He caught the part about the juvenile, you caught the part where they were both the same article. I’d say you come out about even.

  • Jakey

    Whoops. Sorry for misspelling “Villarreal.”

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