15 Gambian Men Arrested For “Publicly Displaying Or Promoting Homosexual Activities”

Was there an unofficial gay bar in the outskirts of the Gambian capital? The AFP says that fifteen men “suspected of homosexuality” were arrested in a watering hole in the suburbs of Banjul yesterday:

The men, all Gambians except one Senegalese, were arrested late Monday when police raided a bar in a popular tourist area. Officers had received a tip of people “publicly displaying or promoting homosexual activities,” a senior police officer speaking on condition of anonymity told AFP.

“They will be charged accordingly after we have completed our investigations,” the police official said.

What exactly will these investigations entail? Logging in to their emails, Manhunt, and Grindr profiles?

The men face severe penalties: homosexuality is banned in Gambia and can be punished by up to 14 years in jail. Back in 2008, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh said gays should get out of the country or risk being decapitated, though he later rescinded the statement after widespread international outrage.