UPDATE: 16-Year-Old Boy Un-Suspended, Now Allowed To Wear “Disruptive” Purple Eye Shadow

(UPDATE 11/7/11 4:41AM): The school has reversed the suspension and updated its school dress code policy to allow all students to wear makeup regardless of gender.

Lexington High School Principal Steve Lindsey gave gay 11th grader Kasey Landrum a three day in-school suspension for breaking the dress code. Apparently, Landrum’s purple eye shadow caused “a disruption or interference with normal operation of the school”… or something.

Landrum said his makeup caused no disruptions and that he knows another male student who has worn “punk rock” makeup without any punishment. And while he contends that his friends and teachers have been supportive on the whole, he also told reporters, “Sometimes I wish I was straight” and added that depression over his suspension has kept him home for a few days. The superintendent says that Landrum and his mom can contest the suspension if they want.

Landrum could absolutely use some makeup tips, but you gotta wonder how in the world looking like The Cure could possibly disrupt a lesson on the French Revolution or Krebs Cycles. If any students have disrupted class over Landrum’s makeup, it’d be better to discipline those kids rather than a young guy looking to harmlessly express himself.

And you gotta wonder how many female students have been suspended for their unruly use of eye shadow.