16-Year-Old Figure Skater Shuts Down Antigay Internet Trolls

Donovan Carrillo, via ISU, YouTube.

16-year-old figure skater Donovan Carrillo performed a routine in the recently held Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating in Japan to the song “Hasta Que te Conocí,” by Juan Gabriel that earned him adoration and a spot at the ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships.

Unfortunately, it also caught the attention of some homophobic trolls. Slurs and derogatory remarks began coming in, and Carrillo decided to meet them head on in a series of tweets:

“I’m not bothered being called gay because I’m not. It infuriates me that people see the word ‘gay’ as a joke or an insult towards my hard work.”

“I admire and respect the LGBT community because I’m friends with a lot of their members, but I am not part of that community.”

“The fact that I’m an ice skater does not mean that I’m gay. Just like a soccer player isn’t automatically heterosexual.”

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“I thank everyone for your congratulations and words of encouragement. I hope to not disappoint you. I will continue to train.”

“My mom is a big, BIG fan and it’s a song that brings her a lot of memories,” Carillo said on Twitter when asked about his song choice. “It’s an ode to my mother and an homage to the Divo.”

Gabriel recently passed away. He never came out during his life, although he was presumed to be gay by many. When asked by an interviewer about his sexual orientation he famously said, “Don’t ask about something that is obvious.”

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Watch Carrillo’s performance in the video below.