French Twist

Work-Of-Art Porn Star Francois Sagat Offers Master Class At NYC Museum

First Terry Richardson chose Francois Sagat to be the subject of “activist art” by putting him in a American-flag-striped unitard and inking “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” on the gay-porn god’s shapely butt cheeks. Now that Sagat singlehandedly secured the repeal of the homophobic military measure, it’s time for the charismatic Frenchman with the surprisingly untrashy scalp tattoo to take on the world of high art.

That’s right, the 32-year-old is heading up “Another Man: A Master Class with François Sagat,” at the Museum of Arts and Design  November 19, part of a three-day retrospective that includes the U.S. premiereof a French television documentary on him. (Check out the bilingual trailer below.)

While it’s true Sagat has ventured into art territory before—with films like Bruce LaBruce’s LA Zombie and Christophe Honore’s Homme au bain, Man at Bath (both of which will screen at the museum)—it doesn’t seem like he’s quite ready to ascend to the pedestal of being a living, pornographic work of art: He tells Out, “I’m still overwhelmed that I’ve been invited.”

Best of all, perhaps, is that Sagat will be instructing attendees on… the art of being Sagat.

“I’m basically supposed to speak about my career and about porn, generally speaking, and porn through my life,” he says. “I’ll speak, maybe, about my childhood and all of my inspirations.”

If we don’t understand the subject matter, can we sign up for a private tutoring session?