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18 guys who just want to find love on Valentine’s Day

We’ve long maintained that the best way to find true, meaningful connection in this increasingly perplexing modern world of ours is to anonymously post a short sentence to a smartphone app.

Consider that your complementary life hack of the day.

(Results may vary.)

We have a feeling these guys on Whisper may have to wait until at least next year to have the Valentine’s day they’ve been dreaming of.

I actually want a valentine this year. I know it sounds juvenile because I'm a 30 year old gay man, but I've always been dumped a few days before.

I hate it I don't wanna be alone during valentines but not many gay guys are lined up for all the mushy love stuff

I am always hopeful I will have a valentine and every year I'm let down. How hard is it to get a gay guy to commit to me?

Valentine's day is just around the corner and here I am. Gay, single and trying to be happy all by myself.

Gay and never once had a bf for Valentine's. I used to be sad but now I've given up and feel nothing.

Single on Valentine's sucks. I'm gay and they're either taken or not my type.

Single gay on Valentine's Day. Every guy I like turns out to be an asshole. Maybe I'm not meant to find love.

I'm gay and lonely and Valentine's Day is coming ugh I just want a relationship

All I want for Valentine's is a guy to cook and invite me over for Dinner. Is that to hard to ask for? Gay male

And another valentines day single coming up... The joys of being a gay guy

All I want for Valentine's Day is to meet another gay guy in my area

I give myself flowers on Valentine's Day but I hope someday someone will change that 19 gay

I'm so exited for Valentines Day gay romance movies, chocolate, and being lonely cause I can't find love lol

Just once I wanna know what it's like to have a romantic valentine's day with someone. I have never had that. The 24 gay male

Caught somewhere between wanting to cuddle and wanting to pound it out. I'm gay--being single on Valentine's Day sucks ð???

As a gay dude I have never had a Valentine's Day date, it's always been me my cat and a blunt. I realy should fix this whole single thing....

Valentine's Day, huh? Welp, looks like this gay boy's gonna hit up the Netflix movies and popcorn.

This will be my first Valentines Day accepting that I'm gay! I'm still single but I'm making progress. This year is gonna be a great one for me