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19-year-old diver Aidan Faminoff reveals what inspired him to come out

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A 19-year old Canadian-American diver from British Colombia has decided to share his coming out story.

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Last October, Aidan Faminoff came out for National Coming Out Day, and now he’s vividly described his reasons for doing so, explaining that he knew he was gay since sixth grade, but never “felt comfortable enough” to admit it to anyone:

“I was confused as to why I was attracted to men,” he tells Outsports.

“Throughout middle school and high school, I would keep this to myself. I created a fake persona so I could blend in with the guys.”

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But he “wanted to scream” whenever his friends would talk about “cute girls,” because he couldn’t be honest.

Nevertheless, he found comfort in diving:

“I was escaping being with the ‘guys,’ but also I was still hiding my true self. Diving was a way to get my mind off of all the emotions and feelings of not expressing who I really was.”

It was seeing a bisexual female friend in a same-sex relationship that ultimately gave him the courage to come out.

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“I saw one of my closest female friends be loving and happy with her girlfriend. I wanted to feel this way, comfortable in my own skin. She was an inspiration to me and made me feel confident.

She was openly bisexual, which helped me gain the courage to come to terms with my own sexual orientation. I remember sitting in my car in a parking lot with her, telling her everything.”

This stunned Faminoff — because she insisted she always knew he was gay.

When she said this,  he burst into tears because he felt “he had been accepted” for the first time.

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Two years later, he shared of picture of himself and came out on October 11, 2016 — not coincidentally, National Coming Out Day.

Finally he felt ”free and open”.

“This is your life,” he says, “so own it and live how you want.”

Read his coming out story here.