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19-Year-Old Tel Aviv Drag Queen Kidnapped, Beaten, Tormented … By His Own Family

Angel, a 19-year-old gay man living in Tel Aviv, was kidnapped by his family three times before authorities managed to indict his abductors. Displeased with Angel’s chosen profession — drag queen at a nightclub — his family began threatening him after seeing photos of him in drag on the Internet. There was the one time in May, where he was handcuffed and beaten, but didn’t make a big deal about it since there was a family wedding coming up. At which he was assaulted a second time, running into the woods and requiring the police to drop in. And then the August 23 assault, where his family members arrived at his apartment, pepper sprayed him, shoved him into a car, blindfolded him, tied him up, and threatened to knife him if he put up a fight; they eventually chained him in a locked room. Eight members of his family have been brought up on kidnapping and assault charges.