1964 Was A Bad Year To Be Caught In One Of These Sex Acts

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 3.35.07 PMIn this list, published in 1964 by Harry Hay’s pioneering gay rights group the Mattachine Society (Hay also founded the Radical Faeries), we see the penalties for things like sodomy, fornication and adultery in the United States. Or as we like to call it now, a successful Saturday night. Except adultery, that one can be messy.

Good ‘ole Connecticut referred to sodomy, for instance, as the “crime against nature,” and it carried a hefty sentence of 30 years in prison. Kentucky might give you 2-5 years, and in Massachusetts or Minnesota you’d face 20 years.

Fornication was viewed with much less severity, and would typically result in a $20-500 fine. Seems pretty reasonably, no?

Check out the bizarre figures below, and take a moment to be thankful we don’t live in the “good old days”:



h/t Dangerous Minds