2 Brazilian Brothers Confess: We Bured Our Father Alive Because He Beat Us For Being Gay

How’s this for an honor killing: Two gay brothers in Brazil are accused of burying their father alive back in December because he “was a violent man who drank too much and didn’t accept their homosexuality,” the AP reports. The brothers, ages 18, and 21, confessed to plotting their father’s murder, where they drugged him and threw his unconscious body into a hole. Police suspect more than disapproval of the boys’ sexuality was at issue, but control over the ceremonial grounds administrated by the father, who was “head of a local Afro-Brazilian religious congregation.”

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  • ForeverGay

    I can only imagine the torment these two brothers went through. Hopefully they will be released soon. I don’t believe the police’s hypothesis of the motive. The manner of death suggests they didn’t like their father which would line up with the father being anti-gay and abusive. Usually when a close relative is trying to gain financially from a death they try to make the death seem natural or accidental.

  • redball

    I hope the father didn’t come to while under there. Sick. I guess no one won in this story.

  • Franky

    They’d still get jail time for committing murder. Whether we agree with their motives or not and whether they were justified or not, they still committed murder. Sad but true.

  • Fitz

    They should set up a legal defense fund. I certainly would make a small donation.

  • jacknastion

    I can’t believe people are defending these monsters. They BURIED HIM ALIVE! They were 18 and 21, move the hell away from home if you don’t like your parents don’t murder them. If they were 12 and 14 I’d be more understanding but they are adults.

  • Davey Wavey's Vagina Monologue

    @jacknastion: Thank you. I felt like vomiting reading someone defending a gruesome murder like that.

    He beat you? You’re of age to live on your own…LEAVE! Move on, grow stronger.

    If he did something heinous to him then they would’ve won by leaving and living the way that’s right for them.

    What they did is sick, disgusting, and makes them every bit as bad as they could claim he was.

    Anyone who could go through with a “plan” like that deserves what they get. Fucking disturbing.

  • Blackjack44

    how did i know JD was responsible for this?

  • Thom Freeheart

    They were cleared screwed up in the head. I wonder who made them that way?

  • Jeffree

    I have nightmares about being “bured” alive… I agree with above commenters that at 18 & 21 the guys had other ways to deal with their dad’s homophobia without risking jail or worse…..

  • Scott

    My father was a monster. He beat my mother while sober. He started to beat me and my brothers. He tried to hang himself once. My mother called the neighbors several times to stop him while on one of his angry sprees. I used to wish he’d have a car accident and die.

    When I was about 8 I asked my mother about him beating her and she told me that I should come into the room and tell him not to touch my mother. That idea scared me shitless. She liked to play victim.

    You can tell neither parent was great. Someone told me once that my parents acted like alcoholics only without the alcohol. My 3 much older brothers left home as fast as possible and left me and my little brother alone with them.

    I didn’t kill my father. I have every right to be screwed up. I left home at 18 and never looked back. I got therapy. I still have issues like everyone but I’m a productive member of society. My older brothers are all alcoholics. None of them killed my father.

    I have compassion for these kids but it sounds like they committed murder after becoming adults. I hope the courts may find some compassion and have an option for sending them to a mental hospital where they might be able to get rehabilitation. Sounds like they are their father’s children.

  • Anthony

    seriously though, how many of us reading this have dealt with family members (often our father) not dealing with our sexuality very well? and now how many of us have murdered our fathers? the father i grew up with was, and still is, an alcoholic who is fine with my sexuality drunk… he just hates it sober. luckily for me, he’s drunk a lot. but i would never, ever dream up something horrid like these two did. murder is murder, unless it’s in self-defense, it almost always unacceptable.

  • Mysanthropic Destiny

    Its still murder. We have to be better than this.

  • jason

    I don’t care whether they were mistreated by their father or not. At their ages, they could easily have left home and gotten away from the abuse.

    They should both be in jail where they can rot.

  • John

    its murder but atleast they fought back.

    i can support that fact rather then them killing themselves like that trend that was popular a month or so back….

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