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2 Gays Dancing Together Didn’t Scare Nigel Lythgoe

We’ve been waiting (baited breath style) for last night’s So You Think You Can Dance ever since we saw last week’s preview about the return of two male dancing partners … that got judge and exec producer Nigel Lythgoe in a tizzy. This time around, let’s just say his comments weren’t as divisive.

Lessons learned, y’all. Willem DeVries and Jacob Jason, both gay, even got Mia Michaels tearing up. As for Nigel? The two gents showed “same sex ballroom can be very strong and very good.”

Glad to hear it Nigel, since this season you’ll be sitting next to a gay — full-time. Fox just announced Adam Shankman, the film director exploiting Miley Cyrus, will move from “guest” to “permanent” judge this season.